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    theres also some big games like the division and hitman out now. Ive been on my ps4 playing the division most of the time, but when theres updates I get on to check them out. I imagine a lot of other people are like that to. This game is still in early access and has a lot more to add. building and exploring at this stage gets kinda dry after a while. after we get water ill be on more, maybe other people will to.

    I'm kinda curios, the website has been down almost all week. Are u adding something special to the main site like a comprehensive list of items being added or a roadmap with ETAs. Or is it something interactive. Oh are u adding some kind of teaser to the website. Since the site has been down for such a long time it seems like ur redesigning the site. Can we get any teasers or something of what the new site will be like?

    Ive been trying to use some of these blueprints for a while now, when I download 1 it doesn't show up in my blueprint list. Also Ive looked all over my computer for blueprint files but I cant even find a rising world file. Any ideas where to place the blueprint files once I download them?

    I'm not sure if anyone has suggested it yet but what about adding VR support and upgrading graphics? Either close to or after release this game would be awesome with VR, you could stand on a mountain at night and see a vast player built city in the distance, go fishing or hunting, play piano or build much easier and maybe it would be a bit more relaxing to. This game is starting to get more interesting and I cant wait for more new stuff but heres a suggestion for the future.

    X Y and Z are just variables not directions. the same can be said about up down left and right, those are just words. They can be labeled anything. It doesn't really matter what x, y up or down is, they are just directions. This is more of a philosophical question like why are we here, why is the sky blue or why is up up and not down or left.

    its kind of funny, if u step back for a moment and realize that your holding the object in game, that means ur character has a really bad case of nerves, drank way to much coffee or has Parkinson's disease. I can imagine my character throwing the object in anger when it drifts off.

    I found a strange bug, when I try to place planks and beams the preview gets ADHD. It starts shaking and staggering before finally drifting off. Some times I can place the pieces without the preview but other times it places the objects in really strange positions

    u guys are like the kids trying to find out what they got for Christmas. If u keep looking ur gonna ruin Christmas. The magic is opening ur Christmas present Christmas morning. By knowing what ur getting ahead of time its less magical.

    I was thinking today about Christmas, its only about a month away, we`ve already gone most of the year without the biome update and what better day to release it than Christmas. It could be a present from red to us, plus it being Christmas it would make the update even sweeter. So what do u think red? If its ready u should release it then, but don't say anything before hand, that would ruin the surprise.

    A roleplaying mode could be awesome. One thing that could be done as a role playing option either in single or multiplayer is start out with a few NPCs, you build your own city and in the case of multiplayer you could have multiple cities. Then you could open up the possibility to either trade and coexist peacefully or go to war, you could even build a nation with armies, maybe even have a world war. It would be similar to civilization but instead of being like a god or leader your actually one of the people.