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    Great! Now we need to find water first..

    Does new update addresses bad water generation placement? I already wrote about that.. Every 10th seed I start game with, have water (lakes or sea) to find in first half of hour of the game (with flying enabled). Other 9 seeds unluckily contain water too but just water ponds... is it my game or am I just bad with seed numbers? In general there is too little water ingame... what the others think? Best regards.


    is Paper making broken in 0.9 build? I am trying to make paper 2hrs and nothing. I make rags from cloth in a press and then wherever I pour water from a bucket on a press rags won`t soak water. Can somebody explain it step by step? Tnx!!

    Looking back at the previous updates, Red did always postpone updates on update day. So I am awaiting new update 01.12 in the evening (CET) ... somebody mentioned water... water needs improvement in distribution, I saw big lakes just in seeds I collected here or in steam forum, my seeds produced just sea coast and small ponds... what an unluck.... flowing water... well I doubt we`ll ever see flowing water in RW. Without flowing water I can live, but what we really need is the reason why we make houses, castles, shelters, caves, etc... to be protected from enemies which should be able to attack us and buildings and eventually destroy our builds if not defended in survival... just my two cents...

    Started new game, there are no lakes again (improved biome arrangement), just ocean and water ponds. No matter in which direction I fly, no lakes... I`ll try more seeds later, but shouldn`t we be able to find lake after flying in one direction after a few minutes... would like to find and settle by a lake when there are no rivers... ocean biome is just too empty and the water is salty ;)

    Thank you!

    Soooo, add that, add this, change that.... with all the wishes from us game can`t be finished in next 20 years. What makes me worried is that now we have alpha 0.8.1... Question is, what happens when game comes to 1.0.0? Is that beta? or? In beta most of developers just cleaning code, killing bugs, testing, testing, testing, no big features added... If so, we have very little space until 1.0.0... so fuel, electricity, vehicles, boats, mobs, horses, ..... ai, ...everything else ... is impossible mission for one guy no matter how good programmer is or how many hours daily he works... Red, can you tell, what happens with 1.0.0? I am paranoid a little. Greetings!

    Every seed should bring enough water (at least I think so), and for people cant swim ;), just like like animals or any other setting (ores, trees..), checkbox generate water, yes/no, and maybe setting water - low, middle, high, waterworld ;) Thanks for a swift reply!

    One more thing... I don`t play RW online because of bug in Java or so I had earlier, I was disconnected every few minutes with error message. Something about connection, socket, etc... ... Anyway, would like to play with others.. but dont know is it already solved or?

    So, after some time not playing RW, and firing it today, I can say that game is getting better and better... however, I find it very difficult to find lakes, cause they only spawn in "forest" biome. Ponds are everywhere, coast you can find too, but lakes... very rare... Would like to see more water in general too (earth ~70% water, 30% land). Second, old buildings are spawning for me just in desert and savannah biomes (is it so intended?). Also, only one type of building is spawning with few variations. Here I would really like to help red (and not only me, I believe), creating cottages, camps, or different PoIs so he can include them in the world generation. Third.. after few hours searching for a lake, I lost myself in the world, map would be nice feature, I dont mean super detailed map, just a piece of paper with coarse terrain map, so I can orient myself in the world.

    Hi everyone
    Here is my rendition of the International Space Station, it hovers peacefully above my village of 'Griffinfeld'. Half copied using pictorial guidelines the other half
    pure imagination and that's what it's all about for me. The station is not finished, the many gadgets that can be added are almost limitless.

    Since this posting I lost everything, no more Neighborhood, sorry I invited you previously but I am rebuilding, glad I saved most of it on blueprints.


    Trying to join Freaks R US server, but I am always getting error after a few minutes of play... I googled, found a temp solution with VPN, but the ping is then no less than 300ms. Is this still workaround or there is better way to solve connection problem. My ISP is Kabel Deutschland, and I didn`t encounter any connecton problem in multiplayer, although I play few games: Minecraft (also Java but no problem), Empyrion galactic survival, 7 days to die, Life is feudal... and many more...

    Red, I would like to know, are the lakes spawning just in grasslands or in other biomes too? Tried "lake" seed, no luck...

    This time You should postpone water update at least 1 day. Now you won`t have your holiday because of us, crying bugs to be fixed ;)

    Cleared Cache folder, update was already installed (9.1mb), crated new worlds with seeds 314159265359, -112233445566778899 and some random seed, explored around, again no lakes, just small patches.

    No more missing patches of terrain near ocean biome, but this transition can count as a bug...