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    My thoughts on the update/bug report.
    First, the Bugs...

    • Tnt

    There are a few issues with tnt that I have noticed. First, I can't figure out how to detonate it. Holding right click while having it in your hand doesn't seem to work anymore. I have also tried placing it on the ground but it doesn't let me do that either. I assume that in the future i will see the tnt in my hand while holding it, right now nothing is there, not even my hand.

    • Hitboxes

    It seems that the hotboxes can be a bit glitchy. In MP, I was charged by a boar and found it impossible to hit him. I then went into SP to test it and the hotbox seemed to work fine there. BTW, red, thx for fixing the player hitbox, I can once again assassinate those nearest and dearest to me!

    Now, the thoughts...

    • The Models

    These are great, really great. I could point out a few minor things, like slightly awkward stances and some rigid posture. But I'm not. They are great, and I recommend to keep from wasting too much time tweaking them.

    • The Animations

    These are also very good. I really like how the swings feel, but they feel too soft. When I'm chopping down a tree, it feels like I am just setting the axe on the side of the tree. It would help if it was more like the stone hammer thing that you start off with. A backswing, and then a hard frontswing.

    • The Mining Drill

    This thing is a lot of fun. We finally have a way to realistically dig in big proportions in survival mode. Though it seems a bit OP. It would be awesome if the bits on the drill wore out, and while digging it would get slower and slower until you replace the bit.

    • The Guns

    YEAH BABY! These things are super fun and are really well done. I think I posted about this somewhere else, where I wish that we could mould the bullets instead of just clicking for them... Or at least the musket balls, the rifle bullets would need a lot of equipment to make them yourself, or just buy them from one of @ArcticuKitsu 's merchants. :P

    Anyways, great job on the update, @red51, and have a Merffy Criftmac! :thumbup:

    Great update!
    The animations in general are great, a huge improvement over the old ones. Me and arctic tested out the chair ones, I was very impressed. The guy looks genuinely relaxed when sitting. The musket is a lot of fun, but I find the thumb a little large and distracting. Also the loading animation could be smoother, but is still great! I hope that one day we will be able to mold them, not just craft them with a button. All those clothes are awesome, tho the skin keeps on poking through them.
    I am rocking my current garb...

    Nowadays you have to watch out for those naked bandits, they love to attack pirates!

    What would be great is if the water system is improved. I'm having real problems trying to make a castle moat. The water ends up in big blocks and completely uneven (I've resorted to removing it for now). Seems fine for making small ponds, but if you want anything bigger it just seems too problematic.

    If you use the creative tools, you can hit enter to place the water at a even level. {pg up & down adjust the height) :thumbsup:

    These are some great comments! I think I agree with all of them.

    Mass and encumbrance

    Yep, it's coming someday. I completely agree with this. I would LOVE to see storage in RW migrate from numbers in your almost-infinite pockets to being completely physical. What I mean by this is that instead if sticking a forest-worth of trees inside your pockets, you would haul them 1 by 1 over to your wagon. Then you would drive them over to your boat and manually load the logs onto your ship. We could also have backpacks to store stuff in, but hopefully it would be limited to items like medical supplies and food and other small items.


    I also hope that the transportation options will be insanely hard to get. I would hate to start a game off from scratch, and have a boat built within a few hours. I would love to spend days building a boat; it's so much more rewarding that way.

    Block and structural integrity
    Structures floating in the sky is not really in tune with the survival aspect of this game. Predators running in circle while you take a break on a plank over their head would look really silly and make animals far less dangerous. Getting over to the other side of a high place just by placing weak, thin planks all the way there without breaking them isn't fun either. Giving structures the kind of mechanism that 7 days to die has would make the structures and game experience more realistic. Planks and beams should also be able to be made of different materials than wood to give them varying durability and sound when stepping on.

    This would be nice, but I would assume that adding in all that structural stuff would be a killer of a project. Just the blocks probably wouldn't be too bad, but planks and beams? My guess is that those free-floating objects would be next to impossible to get right.

    Blueprint resources
    It doesn't make sense that no matter how big or small the blueprinted structure is, it all costs the same in a game of labor and survival. How about if you place a blueprint, the shade is there but you have to get the right resources to complete and make it tangible like in The Forest. You could also opt to just use gold ingot instead but different number of gold ingots for different number of items used for the blueprint.

    Yep, this has been talked about, and red51 even suggested what you suggest, having a ghost of the blueprint there till you pay it off in resources. Maybe a building-zone thing for bigger projects, where you can slowly add all the materials.

    More interactive crafting
    I'd like to have the ultimate blacksmith experience by actually smashing ingots on the anvil with a hammer(To do it consistently, give tools durability too!). For that, a forge as well.

    Yep, this is being worked on. I think I remember red51 saying that he would try to change/add as much interactive crafting as possible. You can see this in the Grinder, Paper Press, Spinning Wheel, and Furnace.

    There are 3 options when making a server. Please bear with me as I don't know much about this.

    • LAN. This is a server you host on your LAN router that you access from your house basically. Only a option if your friend plays the same house.
    • Private. You can also host a server from your machine that can be accessed all over the world. There are a few problems; Your machine must be powerful enough to run the server well, and it will suck a lot of power.
    • Rented. This is the best option. You simply rent a server from a wide variety of compatible companies. Nitrado and GTXGaming are 2 popular ones. The only downside is obviously the monthly fee. I think you could get a good one for about $15 a month, but you would have to talk to someone like @zfoxfire about that, he is a pro at server-stuff.

    Hope this helps! :D

    Perhaps hit did the first hit/s from the front and the fatal hit/s from the back. I assume chests still have a certain number of hits required to kill it...

    I had my PC doing exactly what yours is doing, except the screen would flicker and jitter before crashing. So I took the GPU out and baked it @380 for 7 minutes... it lasted another 2 months before dying completely.

    Wow! I am incredibly hyped for this update! Thinking of pouring bullets for the musket, making arrows for the bow, and then walking out the door of my log cabin to go bag a deer gives me goosebumps! It has been around the corner for so long that it almost feels like it will never arrive, but now to think it will be here in a matter of weeks! I just may have to start a new world to play this new world of survival features in! 8)