Minor Bug/Suggested Efficiency

  • The first screenshot shows what is sometimes occurring when I utilize sloped blocks. The issue is purely a cosmetic one, as the blocks will always place as intended but I felt it was worth mentioning as Rising World becomes a more polished game.

    The second image I've included is a tweak that would be nice to see. Often times, I find myself defaulting to the maximum number of 64. Rather than have us hold the + button to 64, what if we were able to use the - button to bring it straight back to 64 with one click?

    Lastly, the ability to grab or interact with the environment while flying is limited to the use of tools only, at this time. It may be intentional on the developer's part however if not, it would be nice to be able to use crafting stations, and grab items while flying in creative mode.

  • never been able to fly and interact with flora or use the work benches while F2 is active (fly mode). I wouldn't see any point in it. Otherwise why walk/run. The crafting option to hit " - "for 64 for blocks or what ever in the work benches would be great. The 1st block will always show you the actual direction up/down angle/ the block is going to lay. Hope this helps :)

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