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    Look @tryst46 I dunno how much you have worked with planks & or beams. But I sure have for quite a while. Let me say that there are many instances that the grid falters on a full scale build. If I need to post pics plz reply and i'll show you k. so look if it's a smaller grid your eye doesn't need to see the grid but what your are placing & where.

    There is no reason to cry over poured milk. Now you know what needs to be done. If you want your builds and want to keep them then protect them. If not then let the grievers have fun. It's just how it is. Sorry for no cream or sugar on this topic but cripes it's just how it is. I've seen more people try and destroy a build a person spent months building and killed them repeatability and then booted them perm from the server.

    with coal being in the game I am surprised that oil hasn't been found yet. I've been digging all over hoping to run into a vein. :P Or find a nice ruby or diamond. "hint" "hint" :thumbup:

    I would like to suggest a smaller grid. One that will allow planks and beams to butt up to one another. The case Scenario: One that will allow planks and beams that want to be a bugger to lay in a grid when size changed to fit a build & then grid will not in either span + or - lay correctly.

    Another option on Grid: Rolling span so laying a plank or woodbeam in a circle is possible to (Keep Grid)

    A possible solution on the smaller grid. The scroll ball forward & back when G for Grid is used. Smallest size grid: 1px by 1px of form size being placed -H -L


    Temporarily disable losing your things in inventory until you can fix falling thru the world! I fill up in a cave and while heading home fall thru the world, die and lose what I spent hours collecting! (That was yesterday) Now today, same problem. It's very aggravating. I don't even think of it being fun to do it again.... It's not like I can retrieve my corpse. The "F2" trick didn't work. Why not disable it until you can fix this bug?

    If the server host. The one who generated the world disabled F2 then their is no work around except go to a different world that does have F2.
    You will also notice if you check out other servers that not 1 server is alike. Each one has different options and there for my best advice to you bud is (check out other servers).

    If your not wanting to leave this world your at then contact the (((SERVER HOST))) and ask if they will add this option F2.
    If you not wanting to leave because your friends play there than go check out other servers together and you all may find one ya like :thumbup:

    Dekompilieren darfst du gerne, du darfst den Sourcecode allerdings nur für Rising World bzw. für Mods verwenden (d.h. z.B. nicht für fremde Spiele), aber das versteht sich ja vermutlich von selbst ^^
    Leider ist das auch die einzige Möglichkeit, die du momentan hast, da der Sourcecode nicht frei zugänglich ist. Eventuell wird sich das in Zukunft ändern, momentan leider aber erstmal noch nicht :(

    @red51 would it be possible to make a seperate area under (((German Forum))) ((( German Technical ))) as I don't speak at all. Thank you :thumbup:

    Remember you can always use F2 to fly. If flying is a big issue for you bring some blocks and stairs in your inventory that way you can build your path down the cavern etc ;)
    I fully agree it would be nice to be able to use grapple hooks for repelling down mountains etc.

    @gypsysmoke for creative mode type in the console ` then setgametype 1 for survival mode ` then setgametype 0
    please note: when starting the game you will start out in survival mode.

    Hope this helps there m8


    @Spockton- Thanks friend! I'm hoping for animal companions as well. I'd like to have a wolf as a companion. I suggested a while ago, that when your animal companion dies, it carries on following you as a kind of spirit guide, and hints at the secrets of your current world. haa! i t may be a little complex on the programming side though. haaa!

    @ozzyjimbob I am with you there my friend. Sure would be great fun and enjoyment for sure.

    @ozzyjimbob That's cool bro. sure hope we can have pets as companions in the near future. Would really be cool. If the devs put pet companions in the game I'm gonna do my darnest to have a fox. If they also add this option would surely love to see when spring, summer, fall, winter comes in the game that in the spring the animals have their babies running around & playing.

    it just amazes me that we are into 3'D graphics today and texture's and shapes and designs that you can just melt into and yet companies are making a killing still off of squares, rectangles, triangles, etc. this is why I never got mine craft. Don't get me wrong I love the concept, and some real great builds but still blocky . On lego's. The LEGO Group was founded in 1932
    by Ole Kirk Kristiansen. The company has passed from father to son and
    is now owned by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, a grandchild of the founder.Jan 9, 2012
    Reference Url:…ome+out&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8

    They were fun when I was a small child, but today yes I see games they have but still I find them well 2 dimensional
    A shape that only has two dimensions (such as width and height) and no thickness. Squares, Circles, Triangles, etc are two dimensional objects.
    and no real pi-sass

    On the thought of models they would be great to build a model with that could hang or sit in the house. Other than that I couldn't see a need for.

    ok i found some for the first time
    and it wasn't to hard to see
    so it is very rare indeed
    i think silver is harder to see but more common
    so about color of alu no update needed
    and red51 thanks for pict on steam

    @xdeft I'm glad you found some. I usually find it in tunnels down deep in the world. Might want to try down there . ;-)

    Thanks for the link, I hope they go in depth with it.

    @LetterSlayer I'm sure they will. It looks like right now is what they are doing is setting the foundations so that they can go deeper into it. Of course this is only my objective of it and the devs are all our game gods LoL.

    @xdeft why should aluminum be updated? I took a small piece of aluminum and threw it in some rocks and went back to the area to find it a couple hrs later. It wasn't that easy to find. If anything should be updated is the amount of Gold and silver that is found in the world. Those should be precious medals and thus be very very very super hard to find.