Map / Compass - Coop?

  • OK, so I'm sure everyone here has played other games, and seen the way other games do things. But this isn't about that. I'm not concerned about other games right now. What I am concerned about, is getting lost.

    As far as I can tell, there's currently no map system, nor is there a means of tracking friends (group members). If there is, I missed it. Can anyone confirm if these are planned, currently implemented but not documented, or simply not considered yet? Took me 5 minutes to find my son after getting separated during a "run from the bears" moment.

  • Right, my son figured that one out, but it doesn't provide a very good indicator as to which direction you need to head to get "home", nor does it show you areas where you've already been. I know having a map would make the overall gameplay easier, but at the same time, it abstracts the task of mapping the world yourself manually, as I'm sure most people would do in a similar situation. I know I would - I get lost far too easily without some form of GPS or landmarks to calculate my position with. I was just wondering if these were planned features (compass system with directional indicator for tracking "home", "friends", or "waypoint"; map to show explored regions).

  • Yes I am really hoping for a map system in the update. I run a server and it is hard to plan for cities growth where to put people etc. While F3 does tell you where your are there is no real reference point. Compass helps to tell you where home is but as far as I can tell the sun rises in the north so... But I am a city boy so I may not be reading the compass right.

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