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    Hello All,

    After being away for awhile I have forgotten a few things. ?(
    The one being is in Creative mode while using F6 placement.
    I can use the plant on and scroll thru the plants but not the blocks.

    When you rent a lot of it depends on how far you are from the server and at times I think where the moon is. :D
    On SteamCMD where do you get stuck? I was able to download and run the steamCMD before without to much trouble. The biggest trouble I had was opening ports etc.
    Might be a silly question but are you running the commands as admin? You might want to find CMD right click run as admin.
    The easy way to get to the folder is to open it up and copy the path.
    Go to the command box and type in cd.. until you only see c:\> then paste the path in.
    Run the commands from there.
    Need anything else just ask.
    BTW I rent form GTX and if you whine a bit :D:D you might not get lugged down so much.
    Plus you can choose you city to play from.

    That would be interesting to do. You could "almost" do it now depending on the time and expertise you have.
    I am thinking The blueprint editor, Python, and..... Oh BIG screen TV to take pictures..
    I will check with my hive mind for other ideas.

    Started a new server, added the plugin.
    It comes up saying I am using the plugin but, when I do the/bp it does nothing.
    In the event viewer I get this error below error.
    When I place block I get ID number not player name.
    Please advise.
    ADD PLUGIN: 1API: REGISTER LISTENER class blockprotection.BlockProtectionPlugin BlockProtection: Missing @EventMethod annotation for method onPlayerEnterWorldpartEventPlugin BlockProtection: Missing @EventMethod annotation for method onPlayerConnectEventChest plugin loaded successfully!SQLite: plugins\BlockProtection/database.db

    Hello All,

    I went a bit crazy and bought a new video card GeForce RTX 2080 super, loaded all the latest drivers..
    Load game, start to play, and hmmm whats this it is laggy!! I check FPS, 70 ?( !!! What? I was running 144 on my 970.
    I have my ini set to 144 the only thing that really changed is the video card.
    Any thoughts?

    Hello All,

    Sorry that Day One has been down, life does not always goes as it should so.
    I am going to bring DAY ONE back up and with all the changes I was wondering if there was any wannbe :D Admins out there that would want to help with the Server.
    As we know it is a thankless hard job but some one has to do it. =O8o
    Once I get some kinks worked out I will open DAY ONE to the public, It is password off but if you like let me know and I will give you the password...just the password.

    I see the graphics are clearer and crisper.. I am hoping this version will let me play for longer periods of time.
    (you know it is always about me :P )
    I for one would not hesitate to pay more for the game. I mean come on 20 bucks to get in that's peanuts..

    Have you thought about setting up a VM?
    Then you should be able to start restart stop the server on your own.
    GTX rents those also depending on how many server people etc you want it could be cheaper?
    On the restart could/would you been able to put in a restart ever umm 5 minutes :D until you got control back? You can do that in schedule task.

    I have pretty much ran the gamut of different servers.
    Some it depends where you are and how tech savvy you are.
    Some of the providers have fast speeds, cheap service but Tech support may not be as it should.
    I ran my servers off of Prima servers for about 18 months and started to have more trouble after they switched to a windows server.
    I am now trying GTXgaming server mainly for the reason the ping is lower because it is based in Texas.
    It seems hard to find USA based servers.
    I tried Nitrado servers for awhile few years back but unless they changed their practice they were the only one to update the game on the server. Sometimes I would have to wait 24 to 36 hours for an update.

    Like most business these days it seems once they have you for awhile their efforts on fixing/helping/ tech support slows down.

    BTW I have switched several server as I mentioned and so far ( fingers crossed) I haven't lost any ones work.
    Most time when I lost anything it would be the world getting corrupt some how.

    Hope this helps.