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A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
Latest hotfix: (2024-02-21)

    I do understand these add-on are done by coders for free that is why I offered in half jest half for real to translate the plugins purpose.
    Not the plugin it self or the help file in the plug in, just the read me on the Forum web site.
    Maybe not the technical side but enough for others to read them and say "hey that looks like something I would like".

    I can also see where the whole mess could get messy. =O8o

    Entiendo que estos complementos los realicen los programadores de forma gratuita, es por eso que ofrecí la mitad de la mitad de la palabra real para traducirel propósito de los complementos.Tal vez no sea el aspecto técnico, pero lo suficiente para que otros lo lean y digan "oye, eso parece algo que me gustaría".Entiendo que estos complementos los realicen los programadores de forma gratuita, es por eso que ofrecí la mitad de la main du palabre réel pour traducir le propósito de los complementos.Tal vez pas la mer el aspecto técnico, pero lo suficiente para que otros lean y digan "oye, eso parece algo que me gustaría".of course then we could have som real fun!!! 8o8o8o8o Entschuldigen Sie bitte, wenn Sie weitere Informationen erhalten möchten, können Sie sich an der Rezeption oder in der Schule anmelden, um das Angebot zu vervollständigen.Wenn Sie sich für einen Aspekt des Técnico-Menüs entscheiden, dann sind Sie in der Lage, die Dinge zu tun, die Sie mögen, "oye, eso parece algo que me gustaría".

    Now before you get the pitch forks and torches out, know I love this forum because of all the helpful and friendly people here.
    But (there is always a butt huh :D ) When I am reading mainly plugins, there are some in English and some in German.
    Which I understand because this is a German based game.

    I understand English because I grew up in USA, never learned German because I was well, lazy really :D:P .

    Sooo i was wondering if in the plugin area the person could translate the plugin purpose into English?
    Right now I use Google Translate to read them because plugins are really cool and do a lot of different things.
    I will continue to do so if I see a red glow on the horizon and here the murmurings of the villagers. 8o8o:thumbup: .

    I would even be will to translate the documentation myself but no guarantees on the full nuances :)

    Red knows about my "special" eyes an I am sure I am not alone but I was wondering if there was a way to change the color of the text in Rcon?
    The red is hard to read and some people miss stuff.
    One other thing I do is I use google translate to talk to other people. I just copy and paste.
    Most of the times it works fine. The only problem I have is with Japanese and Chinese language.
    I think it has to do with the symbols.
    As always thanks for your time!!!

    I like to think my world is a post nuclear melt down, and the ores are what got separated out in the searing heat.
    The aluminum is the Pepsi can that was drank and not recycled. Thanks to lazy people we have ores :D:D

    If you check the PVP box it will filter out the "regular" pve servers.
    I have been playing with PVP server with different add ons.
    If anyone is interested it is
    Now this may get removed if so look for icon pvp.
    Let me know what you think.

    It is not a ghost from what I understand it is a bug. It is fun to play with if you are in PVP and have a short name like . : ). They never see you coming. :evil:

    So I put it on my test server ( was not told to but put it into a folder.
    Played with it the first error message was after 3 restarts.
    Second error message; I was able to use it for a couple blocks but when I walked outside of the "protected" area and put in a plank I got the server restarted.

    I am running a teleport script and tmn home script.
    I am also running animal breed master, portals, Server tools, and world protection.
    Please advise

    Thank you very much Red. Moving the blacklist file would be a good idea, has my vote :):D .
    I was reading in the pinned article that when you set blacklist to true it would create the file itself.
    What is the chances of putting in the IP of the player?
    I had a player banned through rcon and he just came back in.
    I could kick him out but of course when I tried to ban him I could not.
    Thanks again Red and have a very good day.


    First off I would like to know where the "Banned" list is kept.
    Second I was reading that if you enable the "blacklist" in the server properties it will create a file to add entries. I cannot find this either, my new glasses are to be coming in soon but I was hoping fora little hope before then.