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A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
Latest hotfix: (2024-02-21)

    Ok it has to be said :D . Red knows about my "special" eyes. He even fixed a camera spin for me in one of the updates for me when you died.
    So with that being said for me red font on the crafting menus are hard for me to read. I can read a road sign four blocks away but my near vision sucks.
    So with red font I have to put on the glasses squint at my monitor. (my monitor does not help any because it is Acer predator monitor high Hz small fonts.)

    One other thing I am not sure if other have this issue? :/ but my hands shake/flash in the game when I eat or pick or use them in general. I tried to blank them but I had troubles eating then. There again it bothers my "special" eyes. :whistling::whistling: But I soldier on because I love this game so much 8o .

    Thank you for your input but I am afraid I did not make myself clear.
    The rows on DB browser do not tell me which row does what.
    Since I am not on the server and I am using Rcon to TP him I can TP to 20 some different points on the map.
    and since I do not allow newbies to have Fly he would get stuck.

    I guess I should of phrase my question more along the lines of which row does what?
    The area is a big cube so the should only be eight points but it seems there is more and I am not sure what they do.


    So I have a player that cannot remember his area, I can find it in the data base using DB browser lite. The only problem is I do not know which number to TP him to using Rcon. I know I can use the TP system in AP, but only if I am on the server. Because of the time difference that is hard to do. The attachment is what I see, plus other numbers. Please advise

    Hello All,

    I used, and use to use, and still do use steam chat, and Team Speak. Then everyone tells me to use Discord it will be fun they say, it is what all the cool kids are using. :D It is free!!!! Yep it is all that is true but......

    I wiped my computer and phone at the same time and now I cannot get back into my account.
    I can log into it but I have two step verification on my account. When I try to use the codes I printed out they do not work
    I cannot use two-step verification on the phone because it does not have the account registered to it.

    I can log into discord through my browser on my laptop and when I try to turn off the two-step verification, it says I cannot until I claim the account. When I try to claim the account it says it is already claimed. ?(

    My accounts are there on the laptop so I do not want to mess with with the laptop too much.
    Once I disable two-step verification hopefully I can clean this whole mess up. ?(?(

    I looked at Tech support with discord and it is pretty much to bad so sad......

    Well they do have a topic for this sorta, but it is more for re sending a verification email 365 people out of 1300 some found it useful so.....

    I was reading through this and I guess it sounded more like a rant ( which it kinda is) than asking for help, which I am asking for help to get my account back.

    I would like to threaten to say I never will use discord again :( but that is spitting in the wind since everyone here is using it. :P

    So if anyone has any words of wisdom please cast them forth.... :D

    Wenn das falsch herauskommt, beschuldigen GooglePVP PVE hmm schwer zu mischen. Als ich Rust spielte, hatten wir PVP PVE Areas. Das Problem war, dass Leute in PVE aufgebaut wurden, dann auf PVP geplündert wurden und dann zu PVE zurückkehrten.Was nun Spaß machte, waren Arenen, wo die Leute kämpfen konnten, dann ging es nicht schlechter (naja ein bisschen) nach Hause :)

    People are going to get tired of hearing me but. :D Rising World mission statement is "This is your world, this is Rising World!"
    If Red messes with the core and makes the people and server owner do things that will no longer be the case.
    Now of course the different servers will have different ways of playing which it should be. BUT... for something to be hardwired into the game to make it not my world well...

    I know right now they are a lot of "Creative" servers out there, but I think with guns and armor that will change.
    In fact I am thinking of making my test server PVP... So the code in the server would be handy.
    Mods and add ons would be another way of changing the server with out messing with the core.

    Wellll :D go to your control panel, dump temp files in java, Un install your java. Go to ninite,com install java from there, They don't load you up with a bunch of toolbar's. Restart your computer. Maybe update your video card drivers.

    So I hear but I have an issue with my brain (insert jokes here ^^:D ) I get migraines and up to about five years ago I was able to play just about any game. Then the lots of movements would start to get me then the flashes.I played Titian fall for about 10 minutes and got a 3 day migraine for my troubles!!!

    Now I am playing Rising world which I love but I can play for an hour or so before I get sick. I am hope the silky smooth frame rate will help.

    I hear they have an operation where they scoop part of your brain but I would have to hope they get the right part :huh:8o:D .

    Hmm I stand corrected and maybe being my usual lazy self 8o Only looked at the front page. You have to go see popular tags, scroll past (do they really have games that they tag nudity? I know Rust but....) a bunch of games down to bottom of list but I did find a game that may work for what I want. So after my nap from all this exertion I will check it out. :D

    Hello All,

    I was just curious if anyone else notice the change in game types? There isn't FPS any more, well any that I can see, there are action but..... I looked in Steam which it use to have. Steam even took away my FPS tag! GOG does not have FPS listed anymore.... Any thoughts on this development?