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A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
Latest hotfix: (2024-02-21)

    Have you thought about setting up a VM?
    Then you should be able to start restart stop the server on your own.
    GTX rents those also depending on how many server people etc you want it could be cheaper?
    On the restart could/would you been able to put in a restart ever umm 5 minutes :D until you got control back? You can do that in schedule task.

    I have pretty much ran the gamut of different servers.
    Some it depends where you are and how tech savvy you are.
    Some of the providers have fast speeds, cheap service but Tech support may not be as it should.
    I ran my servers off of Prima servers for about 18 months and started to have more trouble after they switched to a windows server.
    I am now trying GTXgaming server mainly for the reason the ping is lower because it is based in Texas.
    It seems hard to find USA based servers.
    I tried Nitrado servers for awhile few years back but unless they changed their practice they were the only one to update the game on the server. Sometimes I would have to wait 24 to 36 hours for an update.

    Like most business these days it seems once they have you for awhile their efforts on fixing/helping/ tech support slows down.

    BTW I have switched several server as I mentioned and so far ( fingers crossed) I haven't lost any ones work.
    Most time when I lost anything it would be the world getting corrupt some how.

    Hope this helps.

    For about two weeks I have been getting this error.I have wiped the server numerous time added add-ons taken them away.Right now this is a vanilla server.The main reason I am concerned about this error is sooner than later a person will try to log on the server get stuck at 10 percent and the only fix is to restart the server.I mentioned this before and did not receive any usable help.Red asked for the Server logs which I pm him.I have to admit since I started to host RW I said DAY ONE will always be but this has gotten me sofrustrated that statement no longer may be true.Please adviseORED TO CACHECreate WorldPartSQLite -1 12...Worldpart generating...Biomepart generating...biomepart offset -1 6 -> 29 17 (-875192156, -218798039)Biomepart (0) generated: -1 - 6 (96ms)BIOMEPART -1 6 STORED TO CACHECavePoints: 382326DungeonPoints: 768Worldpart generated: -1 - 12 (1120ms)Create WorldPartSQLite -2 11...Worldpart generating...WORLDPART -1 12 STORED TO CACHECavePoints: 398160DungeonPoints: 738Worldpart generated: -2 - 11 (1101ms)Create WorldPartSQLite -2 12...Worldpart generating...CavePoints: 394590DungeonPoints: 708WORLDPART -2 11 STORED TO CACHEWorldpart generated: -2 - 12 (1135ms)WORLDPART -2 12 STORED TO CACHECLIENT 2 CHANGE STATE: Connected -> DisconnectingCLIENT 2 CHANGE STATE: Disconnecting -> DisconnectedREMOVE: - 2 - 0[TcpSessionHandler ChannelInactive] /[TcpSessionHandler ChannelInactive] /[TcpSessionHandler ChannelInactive] / 04:32 AM G.fINFO: Delete Client ID: 2[EndAuthSession] 389660853[TcpSessionHandler ChannelInactive] / (1) ChunkAdditions saved to DB!... (1) ChunkAdditions saved to DB!... (1) ChunkAdditions saved to DB!... (1) ChunkAdditions saved to DB!... (1) ChunkAdditions saved to DB![TcpSessionHandler] NEW Client Connection from:/ PORT:4255/ 5 CHANGE STATE: Disconnected -> ConnectingTCP[TcpSessionHandler] NEW Client Connection from:/ PORT:4256[TcpSessionHandler] NEW Client Connection from:/ PORT:4257[TcpSessionHandler] NEW Client Connection from:/ PORT:4258CLIENT 5 CHANGE STATE: ConnectingTCP -> ConnectingUDPCLIENT 5 CHANGE STATE: ConnectingUDP -> Connected2018/07/13 05:02 AM G.fINFO: Client Connected ID: 5 IP: REQUEST AUTHENTICATION 5SERVER START VERIFICATION OF CLIENT PhartBlastClient 5 send ReturnAuthenticationMessagePLAYER CONNECT: PhartBlastCREATEPLAYER: PhartBlast (76561198281861142)LOADPLAYER: PhartBlast (76561198281861142)clear temporary voxel maps... (1, 1) Chunks saved to DB!... (1, 1) Chunks saved to DB!... (1, 1) Chunks saved to DB!CLIENT 5 CHANGE STATE: Connected -> DisconnectingCLIENT 5 CHANGE STATE: Disconnecting -> DisconnectedREMOVE: - 5 - 0[TcpSessionHandler ChannelInactive] /[TcpSessionHandler ChannelInactive] /[TcpSessionHandler ChannelInactive] / 05:07 AM G.fINFO: Delete Client ID: 5[TcpSessionHandler ChannelInactive] / (1) ChunkAdditions saved to DB!... (1) ChunkAdditions saved to DB! An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host at Method) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at io.netty.buffer.PooledUnsafeDirectByteBuf.setBytes( at io.netty.buffer.AbstractByteBuf.writeBytes( at at$ at at at at at io.netty.util.concurrent.SingleThreadEventExecutor$ at io.netty.util.concurrent.DefaultThreadFactory$ at Source)

    On the dummies? Dummys
    I know Red51 said there would be changes later but has anyone found anyway of "killing" a dummy once you make it invincible?
    I had a Manager that just stuck itself in the corner did nothing (like RL) and the only way I could get rid of him was to drill a hole to h#ll and drop him in.. Not even sure if that did it, as far as I know he is still look up at me saying WHY?? WHY?? WHY?? :P
    BTW a player on my server today found snakes and spiders. I know this has probably been said/ask before but is there a list?

    Twice now it People logged on my Server and found "Area Protection"? has taken over the world.
    The firs time it said "hole" own the world and would not let anyone do anything.
    The second time today it was MaHbR4kin and it made one of my players admin.
    Both times a restart fixed it but it is troublesome.
    Any thoughts?

    @Wyzer Yes the other animals are on strike and marching across the globe. 8o8o
    They want their own personalize clothing. Horses , Camels and donkeys have saddles.
    So far Penguins are the only ones though that said what they want... Tuxedos.
    I am working on finding out what the rest of them want. :D

    I mentioned before about animals falling out of the sky and dying when I TP in and out of places.
    Basically I was told it was the speed of the server filling in if I understood right.
    One thing I found out and I do not know if this was mentioned before was if you are on a mount and you TP the mount comes with you. That is kind of neat. 8o:D

    PS I "taught" my Camel to swim. :D

    Hello All,

    This has started the last week or so I will start the game and it crashes right then and there.
    I dump my java and it seems okay for bit. Java is latest and greatest.
    I attached error file. Please advise


    Well I spoke to soon, the sludge built up. it seems mainly in the ocean.
    When I was walking around my oceans I notice a waterfall in the middle, thought strange.
    Went to the bottom and it looked like someone set pieces of plywood on the ocean floor some of the piece were like mirrors some show the land even though the land was far away and some I fell into a black abyss but alas no Lindsay/Mary 8o . (pictures attached) of the ocean, not Mary.
    When I looked in the logs I did not see anything, but I pm you couple of the logs.
    Are some of the logs are new? and I am not sure what they are but I can give an educated guess.
    Those logs are,
    stats _log
    Conecction_log with numbers at end.

    The plugin I an using are
    drop player

    scripts I am using are,
    world edit
    Area protectetion

    Please advise