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A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
Latest hotfix: (2024-02-21)

    If I may put in my two cents?
    I have my own server for my own enjoyment. I have seen servers come and I have seen servers go.
    Servers take a lot of time work but for me its a lot of fun also.
    One thing I really like about this game is the community.
    I can download and use an addon, a script and ask the author if I have any problems, and they will answer me.
    I have had some come on to the server to see what the problem was and tell me how to fix it. :D
    And all this FOR FREE!!! WOOT.

    Myself I like the API better because it does not cause as much trouble as the LUA.
    Yes you have to know how to program but that is good because while you are making the addon and testing it it pretty much has to run over you figure it out and start over again.
    LUA you can set it for one setup? If it likes it good if not well....
    I have pulled my hair out with LUA because "if not and then" let them eat cake. =O

    To me this game is far from MC I played MC for several years and now I have over umm 1700 hours in RW.
    The game play is different, the tempo is different, the people who come on and play are different.
    The underlying game play itself the mechanics? There is only so much a Dev can do but so far Red has done a GREAT job on keeping RW its own game...
    Okay maybe three cents

    Hmmm soo are we talking about CCTV for ingame to RL??
    CCTV for the security guards to keep an eye on things. ( bad they always die on TV) :D
    CCTV for?

    Hmm I am glad you brought that up Captian. :D
    I have a Discord server and I have people on there that never speak never....
    I have a slight minor degree in psychillogical BS and I think these people are Discord junkies.
    They see a new discord server jump on and listen to the chatter.
    Probably like ham radio operators of old. The only problem is with discord you see them.

    I do not think they do any harm.

    Not sure if this is the right place for this but I have been waiting for the player model, hive disintegration and hot fixes to finish up.
    My wife and I use the same computer, she has her own steam/RW account.
    I have mine, when I log out and she logs in it was fine before the player profile and we all looked the same.

    I setup my player profile hair, eyes, name etc in RW
    Then my wife logs into her account After logging I out of Steam, my profile is still there.
    She did not even notice until she went bounding up to her friend think she was in her RW profile
    and her friend was like WHO ARE YOU!!!! hmmmmm.
    My wife had hers setup, but I logged in after her and seen it did not change, and changed it back to mine.

    I guess the reason I like/liked chest protection so much was the ability to leave chest around if you wanted to go om walk about.

    Why wait on block protection? It seems it would be handy to tell about dweebs.

    I know I am late into this conversation but I truly believe this should and could be a learning moment for all of us.
    Captain Cornball I really wish you would reconsider and start up a server again.

    So you forgot the backups, that give your people a fresh slate to build on.
    It also will give you more time to maybe put in more securities.
    I can understand why you think it is an attack on you. This is your server, YOUR time, YOUR money, YOUR sweat that went into building this server and to have some (well insert word/words here) person destroy it kinda takes the wind out of your sails. I know it did when they hack my server, but that is also why I did not give up and I will not .
    I am not going to give them the satisfaction that they took down a server.

    Sharkbite mention the giant pennus on his server this happened on my server and I found it funny as well but... mine is a pg ( family server) so it had to go.

    Trillnar mention he got banned from a server for doing nothing.
    When people come on my server I say Hello in chat, wait a bit, maybe say Hello again, then TP to them and ask if they need help. If they do not answer I ask them again in several different languages. If they continue to ignore me I will kick them, if they come back they usually will start talking and apologize for ignore me.
    The reason I do this is the quiet one are usually the ones that causes the problems.

    Sharkbite also mention object protection. Hmmm not sure if I seen that one but you can be sure I will look this up and install it. I install chest protection that I like so you can leave a chest at a good mining area and gather TP home, kill yourself go back to the cave (if you setup a shelter first :D ) and keep mining. I keep food and such in the chest.

    Yah Giggle mention the "AUTO Windows server installer". I must of misunderstood him the first time we were talking about it. I thought it was for "Home Server" I did not realize it would work with a hosting company. I will have to test it out.

    In a nicer world we would not have these problems but we do, we just need to pick ourselves up and continue on.

    So you want spawn for admin and one for new players?
    There is really no need once you are on the server you would "set home" for your self.
    Other admin would do the same.
    Now are you talking about when you die and you want to respawn at a certain spot?
    The tent would server the same purpose I suppose.
    You could use area protection and make it Admins only.
    Hit me up discord more for info you like.

    Hmmm this took off in a different direction than I was going ^^ .
    I was thinking just for the addons and such but now you got me intrigued...