Colonies in Rising World

The Building-Update for the new version is now available!
  • This is pretty random. As a matter of fact, I just thought about this! A Colony feature could be great for adding cities or towns in the game and naming them! As well as them showing up on the map under a highlighted area!

    There is a game called Colony Survival. Its a game that allows the player to spawn Colonists to make a colony as well as keep it alive!

    I can see something similar being in Rising World.
    imagine if you could collaborate with other players with different jobs(miner, smelter, farmer lumberjack, etc) to make a colony! I had suggested job assignments in the past, and I’m sure several other people have as well!

    I believe Rising World would be very much more enjoyable with this feature. I’m thinking “Colony” could be perhaps a game mode? Default game type would be survival of course!

  • Maybe if additional features were also included.
    My first thoughts on it:

    Right now its easy for someone to do everything, and that`s alright for someone who just wants to create their own little area.
    For something requiring a constant resource influx that goes beyond simple AI colony consumption that quickly become tedium, I think random negative conditions would need to be inserted like natural disasters or aggressive bandits that would not just tank an entire caravan resulting in some negative (it sounds like your talking about moving resources from A to B). Maybe they would set up along the route and need to be forcefully driven out. The longer they`re left alone, the more dug in they become.

    if I was relegated to a specific job like cutting trees or mining stone I`d be gone in 2-3 days. So maybe some system where the market demanded iron one day and tomato's on another (whatever). Differentiating the trees beyond logs/lumber/sticks might help with that some.

    This is just me, but assuming colonies expand I`d want something in place where they cant encroach on my little nook. (stay off my lawn, damn kids).

    There`s more but thats a decent start. Remember the dev`s are a small team who already have a lot on their plate atm too.

  • Red51 desired to do the whole settlement thing with factions and points in play. If you do something for one faction may effect another, and so on. You could hire mercenaries while even dealing with wandering traders.

    - Millenaire Mod - Minecraft

    If Red51 can get something done along the line of that mod then Rising World would be in good hands. Get some basic blueprints going for villages, towns, and basic cities. They would have to use resources around them to build so if you trade you could help them out and vice-versa. Farming and etc.

    As Fizbit noted they need to stay within their boundaries so a decent sized limit should be placed on them. Not too small, though not too big either. They should stay away from you builds while respecting any abandoned structures around them.

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