Changelog 2014-04-29: Custom images

  • Hi folks,

    the next update is available, albeit with some delay. Yes, we know, there was little too much delay :whistling: We promise that the next update definitely won't take so long :)
    Anyway... this update mainly introduces a new feature, "custom images". Please note that this feature is still work in progress, so it may not always work as expected.

    Here you find more information about this feature: Custom Images

    Among this, we also did some small changes, e.g. the settings menu is now also accessible ingame, and some critical bugs have been fixed.

    If you find a bug, report it to us, so that we can crunch it :D
    Currently known bugs:
    -On some graphic cards, custom images may be totally overexposed
    -In some rare cases, images may have strange lighting issues
    -Deleting images in imageselector is supposed to destroy instances of this image in the world. Unfortunately, this currently only works with images placed during the same session. After a serverrestart, they won't get deleted automatically
    -When playing in fullscreen mode, and opening the fileselection dialog, it switches you to the desktop and you have to switch back to the game manually



    • [New] Ability to upload custom images from your harddrive and place them in the world. Single- and multiplayer support
    • [New] ImageSelector to manage your uploaded images
    • [New] Items despawn now after a given period of time (despawn time can be changed in the
    • [New] Added tooltip texts to items (hover an item in inventory to see its name)
    • [New] Objects in your inventory are now labeled
    • [New] Settings menu is now also accessible ingame
    • [New] New items craftable: poster, one-man tent, flashlight
    • [New] Gameserver now refuses clients with mismatching version
    • [Changed] Errorlogs provide much more accurate information now
    • [Changed] You can now keep the count increment and decrement buttons in crafting GUI pressed to quickly change the count
    • [Changed] Some critical network packets now use different channels to generally speed up multiplayer
    • [Changed] Updated some gametexts
    • [Changed] New application icon for launcher and game
    • [Bugfix] Connecting to an invalid IP no longer crashes the game
    • [Bugfix] Loading worlds in singleplayer works faster now (no longer spending time with "Preparing...")
    • [Bugfix] Fixed erroneous door collision when placing more than 1 object in the same chunk
    • [Bugfix] When picking up an objectkit, the resulting object is no longer messed up
    • [Bugfix] You now gain the correct amount of resources when crafting. Example: Now you get 4 planks out of 1 logpiece
    • [Bugfix] Fixed erroneous loadingbar when returning to main menu and reloading a world
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong worldlist in singleplayermenu after changing it while the game is started
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong size of world entries after changing the resolution
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a bug that messed up the client-server synchronization of worlditems in rare cases
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a bug that caused an error spamming the log, which slowed down the game
    • [Bugfix] Aborting the loading procedure no longer crashes the game
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a bug that caused message dialogs to disappear behind other gui objects

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