New Feature: Custom Images (WIP)

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Hey all,

    today we want to talk about the newest feature: Custom images. They're still work in progress, but already offer you a lot of opportunities.
    Of course they work also in multiplayer, as long as the serverowner allows this feature for his server.

    In the next time we will add a few more options for this server: On the one hand some predefined images that comes with the game, on the other hand the possibility for serverowners to set up a "default image pack" for their server, which will be accessible for all users.

    Using "Custom images" is fairly simple, take a look:

    Step 1: Craft a poster at the workbench. There is currently nothing required to craft a poster, but that will change in the future.

    Step 2: Equip yourself with the newly crafted poster and press your primary interaction button (default: left mouse button). A new dialog will appear. The first time, there is no image shown in this gui, since you haven't uploaded one yet ;) So simply press "Upload image", select an image from your harddrive (you can also select multiple image at the same time), and confirm your selection. Then, the image(s) will be uploaded to the server (in multiplayer).

    Step 3: After uploading the image, it will appear in this box which was empty previously. Above the image, you see the name of the image. You can also enter a string in the "filter" textfield. This is a search filter and will hide all images that does not match (respectively start with) the provided string.

    Step 4: After you've uploaded the image you want, simply press "Use image" to get the ability to place it in the world. You can resize the image when holding [Shift] + [Arrow Up/Down/Left/Right] or rotate the image when pressing [Arror Left/Right]. You can also change the image all the time when pressing the primary interaction button again. To place the image, press your secondary interaction button (default: right mouse button).

    Step 5: Voilà, it's done! :) If this is a multiplayer session, every other player should also be able to see your uploaded image.
    Now you can place more images in the world if you want.

    Have fun! :)

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