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Trello update: We've recently implemented grass and now finalized the occlusion renderer to prevent grass from passing through objects. In addition to that, snowfall now also affects meadows
  • I'd like to see some roofing materials that aren't heavy blocks or boards. In my games I'm going for a more medieval time period, so maybe some straw/thatch roofing could be added? There's tons of tall grass to make straw from...

    I'd also like to see some interactive crafting. I'd like my actions to effect the final product in some way. I think Everquest 2 had one of the best crafting systems ever, and I'd love for some other game to take a queue from them and incorporate user actions beyond simply clicking a single button and them (sometimes) waiting for their objects to be created in perfect shape.

    Having a blast with the game so far, and really look forward to future updates. Things can only get better for this game in my opinion.

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