Update Preview 2014-05-04: Cutting grass & new worldgeneration

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Here is a short preview of the main features of the next update ;)

    First of all, the world generation will be changed. We'll change the algorithm to add the ability to dig more "detailed", i.e. digging smaller holes with more precision. This will make things easier when digging and building. Furthermore, the world features more "rough" surfaces, for example rough cliffs or cavewalls.
    Take a look at this comparision. Indeed, only a minor difference is visible, but you'll notice it definitely when playing it yourself.




    The next main feature is the ability to cut grass! On the one hand, you get tools (currently a sickle, later also maybe a scythe and some electric tools) to cut the grass, on the other hand, grass will also disappear when placing a block or object.

    Grass cutting:

    Grass removal when placing objects or blocks:

    Stay tuned! ;)

  • Not bad :D I like your suggestion, and yes, when I talked about "electric tools", I meant something like a mower ^^ But it might take some time until you get the riding mower, since vehicles aren't implemented at all, and we currently have some higher priority goals (especially animals and monsters) ;)

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