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  • HI folks,
    Astral Terra releases on steam tomorrow. While it is Similar to rising world in some ways , it is also different. I am always on the lookout for games similar to Rising World. It looks good from early videos I have seen. You may want to check it out.

  • I just bought fall out 4. Curious what the new update will be tomorrow evening!

    If I remember correctly , Tomorrows update is most bug fixes and multiplayer fixes , not the biomes. As far as Fall out 4 goes , I do not know much about it other then it is not my style of game. I do not go much for those post nuclear war types of shooters . Not my style. I am sure many are looking foreword to it. The next game I have some interest in is No mans sky. But only to study the procedural generation. Lots of stuff coming out in the near future.

  • I bought Astral Terra today. While it is similar to rising world , It is also different. I will say this. I thought the scenery in rising world looked good and it does, But Astral terra's scenery looks great. Much more natural and realistic. I will enjoy both games. Building in Rising world is much easier. Astral Terra has a long way to go. Both games are good to play. You can view screenshots on Astral terra's steam page.

  • Just some input from me about the two games mentioned:

    When it comes to Astral Terra, I was interested first too but after reading / hearing a bit it raised some alarm bells with me - it is for once in a very, very early stage, and that after two years of development, it also failed in its Kickstarter campaign, the dev team (wife and husband) make themselves / their "company" / "studio" out to be established game developer with a track record of games and that there are more than two people at work. Not to mention there are way too many colors used in the game (if you can find and search for the female developer's name, she has part of her hair colored purple - whatever floats her boat, but I'm not surprised I see those and other colors that don't really fit in a survival game... just my impression). It does have some water mechanics (flowing of water when digging next to it into the ground), but I think that's really about it. As such, it really is more of a tech demo and has a tremendous amount of work to go, or it's mainly appeal is to a much younger audience (early teens perhaps).

    "Novus Inceptio" - is also in a very early stage, you could argue even more so than Astral Terra. I had some feedback from the dev (in very broken English, he and associates of his are from the Czech Republic), who said that it's a life-long dream of his and he doesn't care about sales and he's making the game for himself and the way he wants it to be with disregard to "the customers". He said that he "outsources" things like 3D models, music and other things, as per need. He said also that he's got a job and earns enough money to not having to worry about paying for his living expenses by making sales. IMO though the EA game sells for as much as ARK, which is pretty much a fully working game (with steady updates, with mainly new content and game mechanics added, several times a week - even though it does run relatively poorly).

    On the OP's main topic, or at least its purpose - I can recommend a game that, although is not first-person and instead top-down, is Factorio. It is quite fun and complex - it's not about modifying the terrain, but instead manually (at the start) harvesting materials and then building machines and then a network of factories with transport belts and automated loading arms, plus defending everything from the primitive life-form that inhabits that world, with radar, turrets, walls and other methods (you can even build yourself a car / tank at some point).
    You can (and I recommend you do, to start out with) set, when you create your world, for the enemy to not attack on-sight, so they will in that case only attack you if you attack them. Even if you set them on aggro, it's not a biggie initially (unless you're unlucky and are close to them from the start on and surrounded) as long as you watch not getting too close to them and not creating too much pollution to attract them early on.
    There's wood, coal and later on oil to fuel your respective power generating machines and furnaces, though you can at some point go completely "off the grid" with solar energy. There are also automated robots that you can build later on, for logistics and other purposes.
    To unlock technologies, you need to build and supply (with a few different types of items) research centers - the items they require (and other items) you can produce in factories, though those factories require various machine / electronic parts to produce those, and so on - so you have to really think things through and remove (non-destructive, it'll go into your inventory) items and change things around, to make best use of the space and have a steady flow of supplies going (from raw materials to refined materials to ingredients for whatever you need in the end and in-between).

    Also, once a13 of 7D2D is out (unless you don't have the game yet, then you might want to get it, it's already a lot of fun now) then that'll probably give the game some much needed fresh air and various improvements, game mechanic wise, not just graphics wise - the update should be coming out in the next weeks or so, AFAIK, supposedly nothing new is added and only tested and bug-fixed and tweaked. I'm quite excited about that new patch and look very much forward to that.

  • For the meanwhile, I like 'Blockland', you can build whatever your creativity allows you to do. It is very similar to RW, except it's from 2007 and has much more features implemented. Ofcourse it has older graphics and some bugs might occure, but who cares, right? It's around 10$, but worth it's money.

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