• Hi, I'm having a bit of an issue with the game client. I'm able to launch the game just fine, I log in, and the launcher says it needs to update the game. I click yes, and proceeds to start downloading files- This is where the problem occurs. Sometimes it will quit immediately, other times it will download more files but there's still a pop up with the same error, which states: "Error Downloading Files. Please try again later. Application will terminate." Below, on the actual launcher, it states: "ERROR downloading file (Insert any file name here, its not specific). Please try again later." Not sure if this is a server side problem or my own- Do you have any suggestions for how I might fix this problem?

    ***Just to preface this, I've re-downloaded and re installed everything to try and fix this a countless number of times***

  • Indeed! 8| We're extremely sorry for this issue, we did some work on our servers last night, it looks like there is something messed up. We will fix this as fast as possible and notify you when downloading works again.

    Sorry again for any inconvenience this have caused! :/

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