Changelog 2014-05-15: Cutting grass & new worldgeneration

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Here it is, the new update! :)

    As we already talked about, it changes the worldgeneration and introduces the ability to cut grass. Find more information here: Cutting grass and new worldgeneration

    Note: Due to the changes in worldgeneration, your current world needs to be converted (of course creating a new world is not affected by this). This happens automatically (you see a notification while loading), but maybe it's required to manually adapt the world at certain places (conversion may lead to flying rocks etc.).



    • [New] Ability to cut grass
    • [New] New tool to cut grass, a sickle (can be crafted at the workbench)
    • [New] Objectselector is now transparent, to make it easier to distinguish it from placed objects
    • [New] Rudimentary ability to fill holes in the terrain, simply right click when holding a stone or clod of earth etc.
    • [Changed] New worldgeneration algorithm:

      • Caves are more frequent and deeper now
      • You're now able to dig holes with higher precision
      • World contains sharper features
      • World generation is faster now
    • [Changed] Blocks no longer influences the terrain
    • [Changed] 'Cracks' when hitting a block are now restricted to the block you actually hit
    • [Changed] Lightscattering effect has been adjusted a little bit
    • [Bugfix] Flickering selectors (see Bugtracker) when placing objects or blocks should be fixed now
    • [Bugfix] Audio settings can be changed now correctly
    • [Bugfix] Fixed an erroneous sound when placing blocks

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