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      I am glad to here Slabs and ramps on sides will be implemented, so I got a few more for you.
      Cylinders & Half-Cylinders Horizontal Placement - too many uses to count
      Flat 3/4 Ramp Corner - The inverse of the small 1/4 ramp corner // Like the 3/4 ramp corner but no center crease - My roads on 45 degree lines would appreciate being able to change heights.

      Pickaxe Right Click - Small terrain removal - Sometimes landscaping feels like trying to paint the trim on a house with a fire hose. Would it be possible to use right click on terrain to remove a single/small piece of dirt/stone?
      Chalk or Chalk Line dispenser - A tool to place temporary lines so I can line up parts of my project with each other, then right click with tool to remove.

      Half Height doors - Ideally for saloon doors, two part doors, fence gates, and one you can place a poster on to hide your safe behind it. :D
      horizontal and slanted doors - for basement/cellar doors, half height ones = trap door/hatches

      Construction Items
      Here are a smattering of items to consider
      Wooden Poles/Metal Pipes/tree trunks - cylinders of various materials - I wanted to build a log cabin...
      Stone/Wooden Arches(half and full arches) - So many uses so needed full range of placement options of a construction item, and I would like to be able to pass under through my aqueducts when water is implemented. I know it will be difficult.
      Free Hanging Wires - For when you implemented electricity, I can run power lines to all the buildings, tesla coils, and jacob's ladders i expect to have. Also to hang lights on, signs, and decorations.
      Boulders/stones - for rock gardens and free form path markers, could even spawn some of these naturally in certain biomes
      Shrubbery - So I can put in a couple to form a nice two layer effect and...
      individual bricks/flagstones - for a path through my shrubberies.

      New Player Reference - for commands and basic help
      My Youtube Channel - for videos of my builds
    • Thanks for so many suggestions! :)

      Blocks: Sounds good, we will add horizontal cylinders. But I don't know exactly what type of 3/4 ramp corner you mean?

      Tools: Good idea about the pickaxe, need to check it how well it works ingame. Chalk line is a nice idea, we're planning something similar to setup some borders for your construction side ;)

      Objects: Definitely coming.

      Wooden poles: Good idea!

      Stone/wooden arches: Nice idea. We will think about that, but probably that would be really helpful.

      Wires: Yes, as soon as the power system is in the game, we will also add free hanging wires :)

      Boulders/stones: We will do it.

      Shrubbery: Not sure yet how we will do that exactly.

      Individual bricks/flagstones: Also not sure yet ^^