Update Preview 2014-05-20: Lua scripting

A status update and another preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Hi folks,

    today another short preview of the next update 8)

    With the next update, Lua scripting will be available in Concept. You can create your own custom gamemodes, which will influence the gameplay. There are several events and functions to get the current status of the gameworld or change any current parameters (for example change player health or position, spawn an item, create an object etc).
    Database features are also available.

    This feature is especially interesting for multiplayer: For example you can write a simple area protection script to determine which player can create or destroy structures in a specified area (compare it to the Towny plugin for Minecraft)...

    ...or introduce something like factions or jobs...

    ...or create an arena where players can fight each other to win a prize...

    ...or create just something like Deathmatch or Capture-The-Flag, even if this is not originally intended by the game.

    You see, there are many possibilities ;)

    The update is nearly done and will probably be available within this week.

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