Changelog 2014-05-25: Lua scripting

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • As promised, here is the new update! :)

    It gives you the ability to write custom gamemodes in Lua. You can compare this feature a little bit to the scripting functionality of Garry's Mod, or SA:MP or MTA.
    A typical use case: You create a multiplayerserver and build a hotel. Now you want to make sure that nobody destroys the building, so you can write a script that protects everything within a specified area from destruction. Maybe you bind this to different groups, so that players assigned to a group "admins" still can modify the hotel (just as an example). Next, players should be able to rent a room in your hotel; they are not allowed to destroy the room, but they're allowed to place own objects (like furniture) in the room. So you define more areas in your script, according to your hotel's rooms, and specify that the player who rented a room can place objects, but cannot destroy walls for example.

    It's also possible to show elements on the player's gui, for example labels. So when entering an area, you can display the according roomnumber, or the name of the owner etc.
    In addition, commands are also supported (i.e. everything you type in your chat, beginning with "/"), so a lot can be defined during runtime (e.g. specify the owner of an area etc.).

    This is mainly a multiplayer feature, but works also in singleplayer.

    Find more information here: Lua Scripting

    A few other changes were also done, for example you're now able to sleep in your bed or in a tent to skip the night.

    Here is the full changelog (looks quite short, but the scripting feature should compensate that).



    • [New] Added Lua scripting functionality to the game which allows you to write custom gamemodes

      • Notification about different events, e.g. when a player places a block, or a player dies, or changes his position etc.
      • Cancel an event to prevent it to be executed. For example: Cancel the "place block" event, so the block won't be placed, or cancel the "player die" event, so the player won't die
      • Ability to receive every input a players types in his chat beginning with "/" (commands)
      • You can split your script into several files (to keep your code clear and good readable)
      • You can load as many scripts as you want
      • Ability to create own GUI elements individually for each player (currently labels and panels)
    • [New] You're now able to interact with beds and tents
    • [New] Ability to sleep to skip the night
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a problem when returning to main menu (not all elements have been reset)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a bug that did not let you press the "respawn" button after your death

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