Scripting requirements

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • To create a new script, go to the "scripts" folder inside your game folder (if it does not exist, simply create it). Now create a new folder named as your script (for example "MyScript"), and create the following files which are required:

    • A file called "definition.xml" which contains all information about the script (template: definition.xml)
    • The scriptfile itself (must be a .lua file)

    The script must contain the event "onEnable()" (see below, of course the comment is not necessary):

    function onEnable()
    -- this event is triggered when the script is loaded

    Finally, one more hint: If using this feature in singleplayer, it's recommended to enable the debug console (open the "" in your game folder and change the line "game_debug_console" to true). The reason is, that if any error in your script occurs, it will give an output to the console pointing to the erroneous line in your lua script. This is extremely helpful when developing a script.

    Happy scripting! :thumbup:

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