I'd Love to Contribute with New Music

  • Hello there,

    I've discovered this game not long ago. Loved everything about it, honestly.
    I really hope that it will keep evolving until it becomes a fully-developed masterpiece.

    Talking about which, I'd love to contribute with some music tracks.
    Music composition and production was my hobby for the past 7 years, and I believe that I could do a couple (or even more) ambient songs for this great game.
    Hiring a musician might be quite expensive, so hopefuly, by doing this job for free, I could somehow contribute to this project.
    Consider it a fan contribution. I won't ask anythin in exchange.
    I mean, it'd be cool to have one extra membership for that (to use it as a gift for a friend), but it's all up to you.
    I love the game and I believe that I could be of help.

    If you are interested in this idea, I could make one song and post it here.
    Please let me know if there should be anything special about it (if you want to see any specific instruments, tempo, key, lenght, you name it)


  • I'm curious if Waveshapr will respond to this. I also posted a thread shortly before this with a a few praises and criticisms of the current music. One was regarding the "ambient music" . I'm a fan of ambient and space music. Steve Roach and Brian Eno are two of of my favorite composers. It would be cool to add a soundscape to the world in addition to the current music which Waveshapr wrote, which I certainly do love :)

  • Yeah, your tread was under the "suggested treads" category, so I've had the chance to check it.
    I guess Waveshapr isn't too motivated to check this section for now, since there are too many complaints about obvious things.
    I mean, this game is on alpha and there's obviously a ton of work to be done. I guess this forum section will become relevant when we will get to beta.
    Too bad, my purpose was actually to help the devs with some of the tasks.
    Since I'm not programmer, all I can think of to help is music production.

  • Not sure about lack of motivation but his time has been consumed by various sound effect related issues over the past few months. He wants to get back on focus with the music for sure.

    Nothing wrong with wanting to help. If nothing else, perhaps you can write the "Music Inspired by Rising World" soundtrack one day. Come up with a demo and share it :)

  • Oh yeah. I can do a demo, but I don't really have lots of free time for that. If I can be sure that they staff will review my demos, then sure. Otherwise, the music I'm doing normally is quite different, and my demo for Rising World won't really be of use. It will simply end op lying on a shelf like dozens of other projects I made :/

    And by "free time" I mean time when I'm actually not tired and feel creative enough in order to be able to do music :)

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