Rising World - An Earth 2 LP

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • To tell the truth is a big thing, to meet people is another you get to see who they really are and get to know them some. Yesterday and overnight I posted a couple videos one is about me & my channel the other well...Rising World :thumbsup: . In this video of Rising World we turn a rather dull looking attic into a spooky second floor 8o Hope you enjoy! ^^:)

    Please leave me some feedback on my channel if you like the video, the comment section has been rather ghostly lately =O

  • On Sunday I prerecorded this episode and it was published at (8:30 AM EDT) today. In this episode we construct a garden for Jerasmine as part of the Subscriber Special series I have going.

    What is the Subscriber Specials? For every Subscriber that I gain I will build a home for them in my RW World. I am building these homes in accordance to a list of the order of subscribed so it may be a while till your home is reached please be patient and enjoy the show. :) If a subscriber leaves before I can get to their home they are deleted from the list.

  • Finally! After so long my cursor is recording again. 8o Today I switched to using Action! to record my videos with and the amount of FPS I keep is amazing :) . So we do some testing to make sure the FPS can remain about the same and move on to the "Rabbit Hole Cavern" ;) and do some work in there as well. I'm excited but not thrilled we have to deal with an ad every time we record. Maybe some time later when I can afford it I'll purchase a license. Till next time, enjoy 8)

  • have you test OBS Studio OBS LINK

    Yeah it does the same thing as Xsplit where it takes 1/2 your FPS away just on startup then another 1/4 just to record. It drives me freakin nuts :cursing: . Anyways thanks for the support there comrade :thumbup: Hey if anyone wants to help me out I'm open to suggestions on how I can raise money to make improvements to my channel, content and computer upgrades. I have a link setup on my YouTube Main Page for donations but the button is so small it can hardly be seen. If anyone has some suggestions I'm all ears. Till later take care everyone back to binge watching this:

    I really wish I had a cool intro like him :)

  • Today I uploaded 2 videos. The First was ARK: Scorched Earth :thumbsup: where I combined Primitive+ with Scorched Earth for the extra engrams and to make it a bit harder to play. The second installment was Rising World where we do a montage on Jerasmine's home. I love my subscribers so I'll keep that series going but it's no longer going to be a daily game. Rising World just has no oomph to it. There's no fighting, no hostile npc's, no leveling just nothing. It's a building game to be quite honest and there's nothing more to it. You can go frolicking in the woods till Yogi bear or jack the cougar bites your head off or you can build that about sums it up.
    Here's the videos I hope you enjoy :)

  • Going to the hospital for some evening and overnight testing (neurological & sleep study) and wanted to swing by here with an update. Our world has been attacked by the :evil: Terrain bug! Oh no's! So for the past few days while I've been ill I've been trying to sew the world back together. :( Not only am I <X but our world will take some time to heal. @red51 can you please provide us a way to fix these problems? Okay guys I have to leave soon so here's some screenshots of what I've been cleaning up. Tomorrow I'll do a video showing the devastation this terrain bug has caused. Till then I hope there can be a fix for this soon.

  • Hi guys I'm back again. :) I keep dozing off all day today since I got back from the hospital. (Picture cute old guy here) <3:saint: Anyways I made a video today of animals raining in Rising World 8o Yeah I said that right! IT'S RAINING IN RISING WORLD! :thumbsup:=O with lot's of animal loot to go around. Let's get a big thumbs up :thumbup::thumbsup: for this one. I don't know how but my terrain is seriously destroyed. @red51 You might love this bug because it feeds the many with the plenty. Enjoy :)

  • It's been a while since I uploaded and I wanted to explain why. This series has come to a screeching halt because of the terrain bug. I have done what I can to fix the world at best and I'm working on a way to share a world download with you. More so ever in the Blueprint section you should see a new tab popping up called Arcane's Blueprints. :thumbsup: Hope you all enjoy these because I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to start a new world yet. Many of you are already familiar with the terrain bug, well this took quite a blow to my confidence in the game. Hope you guys enjoy the Blueprints because I'm leaving this game on the shelf to gather dust. Date of Creation: April 9, 2016 - Date of Death October 11, 2016 I ain't playing this game anymore.

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