Bug? With the Jump button <space> after logging in.

  • Sometimes after logging in the jump doesn't work every so often after logging in inconsistent.
    I know the key is registering because it moves the object I am holding like I am jumping it swings when I hit the jump but the actual motion of my avatar doesn't move it has no vertical movement only a swing of my objects.

    I realize this is the worst type of bug report since I do not know what's the methodology to repeat the bug. I don't know if it's me hitting keys as the world is loading or just happens. I can't recall anything different between the jump not working and working. It just happens after you logging into server it either works or doesn't.

    So to fix it simply log off and on again. Seems to be 1/30 logins for me since last patch so very few times.
    Sometimes I don't even notice it until I try to jump over a brick and can't.

    I don't know why it would make the motion of a jump yet no vertical movement.
    I wonder if anyone else is having this had it on and off for last week wondered if was one time glitch but
    it happened two times already. I do play it a lot tho have 412 hrs in already, I might just be able to catch more bugs and be willing to report them don't know if anyone else experienced this. I am playing on a server too so I don't know if the sync between the client would have anything to do with it but I assume the client is independent of it just thought I mention that.

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