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    Nice, to see ninja looking bandits.
    Maybe I missed this answer but will there be any auto generated towns/forts or specific areas where these bandits will be or every climate except ocean?

    Yes, I agree skeletons remind me of those old movies of clay animations of Hercules or Jason.. yes.
    The old movies had some humor in some those sometimes too. ;)
    Like after loosing head attack randomly even it's own guys. extra.

    Thanks for all the confirmations on my guesses.
    It a little confusing going to single player - then hitting LAN -
    I was looking for Multi-player for connecting to him, all I saw was Hive-Servers not what I needed.

    Thanks for helping me out.

    Thanks for all those options. I look forward to steam <3 peer to peer <3 networking.

    What do you mean by forward ports ? Are you saying just allow open ports on firewall? I think I already have those ports open in that range. If meant by that something else I guess I don't know.
    No Rent of a game server,

    I seen Hamachi and I thought about VPN
    I don't know how much third party software I want to stack on my PC it's already running so much each one causing a person to be exploited either by such third party or hackers. Also my dad would get frustrated
    if he has to create a new login + go to Hamachi + download app + remember all the logins + save all login info, that just to play a game.

    Hmmm. This ipv6 sounded like easiest for both us, I didn't know +ipv6 was an option. We both using IP4 but also broadcast Ip6 at same time.

    I guessing based on what you mentioned would this be how I would do this?

    PLAYER 1:
    1. adjust the start parameters of my game to +ipv6 (screenshot 1)
    2. go to then copy / paste my IPv6 address in - Steam send Player 2 a chat message of IPv6
    3. go to single player even if multiplayer hit LAN (screenshot 2)

    PLAYER 2:
    1. does he also have to adjust parameters? (screenshot 1)
    2. go to multiplayer then hit connect to ip (screenshot 3) paste in Player 1 IP6 sent him via Steam chat

    Is there a password something like that somewhere for login as an option?

    I bought this game early Jan 2015 :) , I haven't posted much on the forum waiting for last year, see what's new. I haven't regretted my purchase of this game played it non-idle for +400 hours.
    I was about to purchase this game for my father being the <3 2018 new year's present :saint: . He's 66 has about as much patience as :evil: John McClane :cursing: in Die Hard.
    I was wondering ?( if there's an easy way for us to play together as Minecraft where I just type in one person's IPaddress then their server password. He's in the same city but not a LAN.
    We both have steam accounts can we allow people in our friends list or anything like that?
    Or do I got to do alot of hoopla <X . Since I don't see alot of server's listed I am assuming the latter rather then former.

    I am an IT guy and even I don't ;( to setup java + mysql + run scripts for a simple connection.

    Father and PCs =

    On our server several people are getting stuck more than usual in the dirt, also a lot of placed objects (beams & blocks) are disappearing for some while appearing for others. On the server we can have some people who don't see for example a part of a fence and other people see it, the ones that don't see it can walk through the fence while others who see can not. This is on the server seems to affect one area at a time. I took a few screen shots one of the road missing then coming back after about 10 minutes. The other stuff sometimes doesn't come back for people until they relog. The weird thing was the fence disappeared for me and I am the one who placed the fence in the first place. Yet people who stood right next to me could see it. It wasn't just me because another guy zoned in couldn't see it either and also walk through it but another guy could so out of four of us it was split. Lastly eventually it came back for all of us after a few relogs.

    Sometimes after logging in the jump doesn't work every so often after logging in inconsistent.
    I know the key is registering because it moves the object I am holding like I am jumping it swings when I hit the jump but the actual motion of my avatar doesn't move it has no vertical movement only a swing of my objects.

    I realize this is the worst type of bug report since I do not know what's the methodology to repeat the bug. I don't know if it's me hitting keys as the world is loading or just happens. I can't recall anything different between the jump not working and working. It just happens after you logging into server it either works or doesn't.

    So to fix it simply log off and on again. Seems to be 1/30 logins for me since last patch so very few times.
    Sometimes I don't even notice it until I try to jump over a brick and can't.

    I don't know why it would make the motion of a jump yet no vertical movement.
    I wonder if anyone else is having this had it on and off for last week wondered if was one time glitch but
    it happened two times already. I do play it a lot tho have 412 hrs in already, I might just be able to catch more bugs and be willing to report them don't know if anyone else experienced this. I am playing on a server too so I don't know if the sync between the client would have anything to do with it but I assume the client is independent of it just thought I mention that.

    I am very curious about the rail tracks/terrain placement as well.Being a voxel game,it would make sense if tracks would follow every bump and hill but from the other hand,I think they will look peculiar.Rails of War mod for minecraft had a good concept about uphill/downhill tracks and such.That would make them pretty realistic while could smoothly go up and down.15,30,45 degree slopes would be great in my opinion.With placement,it would automatically add a neutral color slope under the tracks and can be painted with the available paint tool textures(dirt,gravel etc).Just imagining how can it possibly be.I dont know how Red thought about it but I am pretty sure he will create them the best way possible.
    I can imagine a flatbed car loaded with crates,barrels rolling down the hill.A livestock car loaded with animals for translocation,If we could lure them in with wheat or a carrot or something.It will be just sick!!
    Like ArcticuKitsu mentioned" 2 blocks wide for minecarts & 4 for trains will be neat".Thats exactly what I imagined as well.Hopefully the trains will have a realistic size compared to the player.Also,minecarts will look awesome and with 2 block width,it will be a good size too.

    I imagine Red doesn't want to reply to the' train comments because he is not actively working on it just yet. But I imagine the tracks will be similar to blocks placements of tracks not voxel or object. I imagine something like the way the half block on top of blocks works now. I think you prefer a grid system over voxel if your going to have logic of looking for the next the path of the train track. Who knows, he may even have (4x4) or (2x2) or bigger group block placements in group format for tracks to avoid invalid turns. I am glad Red commented on the Train it was a nice teaser for us. And allows people to try to plan a little more in advance

    In-response to Red's response about the mill question. Since he wants to go straight to electricity skipping for now old tech. However that doesn't exclude modern versions of wind/water generators, he could go directly to DC motors ... As every person who's played with electricity knows if you spin any electric motor DC/AC it creates electricity.

    If he wanted he could just have a block based DC motor which has ability to change hookups on the axle. For a water generator place a DC motor down next to a stream then adjust the axle putting on the water propellers <Hydro Generator> ... If you want a wind generator in the sky you build off ground place a DC motor at the top of structure then put on wind propeller. <Wind Generator> To complete the system run electrical wires from either DC motor back to the battery banks or machines.

    However that's a discussion for next year, I just wanted to give a response.

    without the servers mods aka .obj files in temp format

    Well in my proposal I mentioned .obj... As a generic reference of 3d objects.. Since I know to be fast on a server you want to have the 3D objects be in binary form already. ...
    As in reference to your server pack if your referencing 3D objects yeah you could download 3D objects either as you approach them or as a full package list. But if your referencing my 2D suggestion of having swinging posters those wouldn't need any modifications or special treatment other than normal images do. It be nice to have blueprints save those images though. So your construction could be brought to another server or traded easily.

    nice idea white the implementing system and you could do the same with furnitures and make them usable and so on

    Yeah that's idea so if you wanted you could make a cabinet or fold down bed or seat that flips up a table that flips down, A toilet seat open/close, wash machine lid. Basically an entire furniture set customized with just the custom poster having a motion simple as a door.

    Door suggestion: re-sizable doors &/OR posters .... Even if you only do one of the two would help. Either allow posters to replace existing doors textures or allow doors to resize like posters.

    Similar to way glass/frames works but being able to swing it after placing.
    So those who wanted holes in doors or cabinets like me could load PNG with alpha channel of wholes they could resize it similar to glass then have it swing.
    Even if it was from the poster interface with code of doors far as swinging.

    Just having a serious of checkboxes inside the Poster interface or give the door a new interface.

    <^><make solid>
    <^> radio box <swings | slides> radio box <-up,-left,-right,-down>

    Separate Topic:
    --> Of course I already mentioned posters should be saved in blueprints ..even if *** Code *** Like email embedding of inline PGP keys ** so JPG/PNG would save in blueprints for use on any single player or serve side worlds.
    Otherwise the poster will have to appear as an object with a default door graphic when using blueprints with poster doors which maybe not a big deal since it still would be far more than Minecraft has.
    * I had these suggestions before but never bothered detailed it like now.

    That's fine if no mobs in dungeons on release. Since I know AI of mobs is always a challenge with pathing of mobs, character models, sounds, and AI behavior such as calling other mobs to help him like a group attack radius call to arms. Range/Melee attacks balancing of all along with blocking attacks that will be a big job. I will get to use those dungeon objects I hope as well. I am pretty sure some people will enjoy finding them and even setting up camp there. Of course until mobs update, lol. I look forward to seeing if the dungeon will have some damage objects like traps spikes, spider webs, quick sand, fire pits.

    Umm.. can I have a link to the website, please? If it's I'm a real idiot. Now off to find where the bug tracker forum is :)

    You can post in client help or server help for bugs if you have one not listed, I don't know if there is a special bug tracker ... There is a bug tracker button on top <bug tracker> on but it's a dead link.
    As far as features: are the ones Red51 original manifest I don't think it's always updated. For example I think Biomes is at least in done phase, But you can see any of those things by simply playing the game what's in it. However, the list I think is just for people before purchasing so they can see what they want to buy. I already was convinced back when it first released on steam once I saw it was stable and the Developer was committed. I enjoyed this game so much. If you want the latest news or what he's working on we English speakers try to even translate German conversations lol. For what is in the works.

    @red51 Is there a place in the forums I'm missing that has the planned updates for the game? It would be kind of cool if some coders in the community could lend a hand. Keep up the great work with the way your updates are rolling out I might just never play Minecraft again. Love the game lot's :) Thankyou!

    Usually it's zfoxfire that gets Red to squeal but I was honored to today lol. He has a list on his main website, but other stuff is a maybe..
    you can follow Red51 that's the best way. Also sometimes he reveals that on steam community.

    Thanks for the feedback Red, I am looking forward to playing with the next thing you add to the game. I hope your AI and mobs patrol in those dungeons your working on since I want to see people cry when they die. Have some nice dark dungeons for mobs to come around corner and kill them. Of course I like to have those props for my medieval project.