Suggestions in the long run

  • try building with timber and not blocks most of what you asked can be done with beams and planks

  • I would do that if changing textures on planks was posible. Otherwise I would do everything on wood

    You can change the textures to any texture the blocks have, this is done with the command console item woodplank 64 80 <---- this command = 64 x woodplanks with the texture id of 80. you need to do this in single player or be a admin on a server. most admins will do this for you or make some sort of deal with you to spawn this

  • Some enhancements to the construction system such as "scaleable blocks" as he put it are planned. I think Red is onboard with the idea of converting blocks into construction objects. Whenever that gets implemented then we should be able to scale and freely rotate any block which should open the door for lots of new options. Building large round cylinders and stacking half blocks should be possible then. I'm personally looking forward to building pre-fab objects such as fences out of tiny blocks. I realize you can do this somewhat using planks and beams but it would make angled edges much easier to do.

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