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    What I was talking about was codec at least in USA you can not play music of certain formats without buying licensing or codec for that. Even the great Microsoft can't work with Blu-ray because of licensing. Now Ogg is of course open source format which is free for anyone to use in Video or Audio. But as far as other formats... Many could play audio and video formats in browsers like Firefox but they don't want to mess with lawyers and don't want to pay for codec on a free browser.

    The comparisons aren't exactly the same with somethings like you mentioned Youtube technically the people posting music up there without authorization are breaking the law could be fined heavily. PlayStation you mentioned is "SONY" a corporation. Who owns the patient on many music formats causing this problem for everyone "Sony" AAC/mp4 Codec, "Sony" even owns artists songs a major record label is Sony (Britney,Prince and hundreds of others).
    The other thing is also illegal in USA you can't pull sheet music of modern music it's also copyrighted unless it is public domain so you could pull the stuff like classics from 1700s or 1800 or even 1 century music but if you wanted latest Justin Beaver song might run into issues of course what players do on their own, Red and this game has no legal responsibility for.

    Just one example of codec they patented: AAC was developed with the cooperation and contributions of companies including AT&T Bell Laboratories, Fraunhofer IIS, Dolby Laboratories, Sony Corporation and Nokia. It was officially declared an international standard by the Moving Picture Experts Group in April 1997. It is specified both as Part 7 of the MPEG-2 standard, and Subpart 4 in Part 3 of the MPEG-4 standard.
    So of course if your PlayStation "aka Sony" you would have no fear of being sued for a codec, in fact Sony will be the one giving you the lawsuit. If you look google "sony lawsuit for music" there's just a mess you don't want to be part of.

    But overall your statement is correct I don't think anyone will mess with you in most situations. I recommend using a standard open source music format like OGG rather than note-blocks, I think midi format probably is usable. I want the game better than minecraft in all things lol. But to clarify I am not saying don't do it but just be aware of the format used is free to use so Red51 doesn't have to pay royalties for codec.

    I am sure more variety and new tracks would improve any game including this one.
    One of the few games I left music on is APB because if you joined a team and they turned on a song you could hear it to. Which is kind cool I don't know how they never got in trouble doing that but
    my team mates would load a MP3 song play it, exactly like the car radio feature in Grand Theft Auto, it stream the song to all teammates. At same time you still have VOIP to everyone

    What are you suggesting? Better music? A problem in current music?

    Personally I don't know I leave music off in most games including this one.
    I spend time listening to podcast, tv or personal music.

    I only leave effect / ambient sounds on.
    I hate constant noises in games like going into a city in game all I hear is same conversations and humming like it's a meat market.

    I end up killing bears because they are noisy.
    I don't want hear constant flies and bugs disgusting animal & constant sounds.
    I have my character who will be making noise by his working and moving too.
    Ambient sound shouldn't be overwhelming, it's not music.
    I got mining noises and the like in ambient sounds now for no reason also annoying to me, but over all it's not constantly doing that.
    As far as music goes yeah sure "change it" my music will still be off.
    I don't know why you care about ambient sounds if your music is on.
    If this game ever gets too noisy with ambient sounds I will turn that off too then complain to everyone about the ambient sounds are driving me insane but so far it's not constant noise which is good.
    If you ask me the mining sound that is ambient server wide makes no sense.
    Flies I could imagine if you just killed some animal or your in a garden.
    I rather like some ambient sounds. Crickets at night, birds at sunrise, wind blowing, trees rustling and dead silence good too.
    The trees blowing in wind / leaf rustling sound is very common in real nature yet I usually don't hear that in games perhaps everyone is inside in real life.
    I think i will enjoy it when if he adds rain /soft thunder sounds and similar sounds from other nature tracks for jungles / rivers / snow and oceans biomes depending on proximity.
    You know he doesn't even have (mobs sounds) so soon you will wish for the peaceful ambient sounds back.
    I enjoy music off & nature sounds on like I am fishing on a lake or outside on a nice day.

    Yeah he probably could do that if he used open source codec but then you guys would probably complain it doesn't play your DRM and codec that uses licensing. Most people use licensing codec because they don't know any better and the music industry has all the codecs copyrighted even the ones they stolen then modified from open source. The music industry just file law suits just to make examples of people, you don't want to be made an example of.

    Many formats that the rest of the world considers free or open source the United States and several other countries recognizes as corporate or patented. If any music probably only MP3 & MP4 are needed. Which I think the companies just couldn't protect their claim that they solely owned that format anymore and gave up their claim. We used Midi files in 1990s when I was a teenager, some first music ever on pc. Most played I think was techno and of that Axel from Beverly hills cop we still got remnants of "Cannon" midi. Funny to me since that was first music on PC was instrumental music and techno even went mainstream for themes similar ( airwolf, knight rider). I hear "cannon" all the time people here sometimes use that as wedding song now which I think it "cannon" was in a few movies for nontraditional wedding song now of course women love to copy. But as soon as MP2/MP3 hit in late 1990s we never went back to midi. I don't know if half these things technically should be copyrighted anymore since formats are over 30 years old. God I am old lol.

    I think the music industry is one of the biggest money whores on the planet so corrupt and dirty putting spyware on your machine without your approval. I agree with SilverSatin unless your using a clearly define format that has never been licensed or never was part of (Apple,Sony, or any other corporation) but always was open source. Is only type I would dare try to do a music player. You could just turn music off in game and play it through another program. As far as piano goes perhaps Midi as some have suggested. I can't imagine MIDI is still copyrighted and if that's not copyrighted he could just import open source Java code for a MIDI player and people could run around with magical music sheets behaving like blueprints that play songs.

    Perhaps I do this if I was in charge of this project Midi (I create another tab in my Journal (blueprints/music) --> high light music (upload midi) name it just like blueprints... In fact as far as interface goes I outright steal blueprint interface for Midi too. How it would work? I keeping it similar to other interfaces, you place a (instrument down(piano/drums/harp), jukebox, record player) on floor -> the instrument would have an inventory slots you put sheet music into it's inventory. As you did I would check if Music sheet, if it was it would go into it's inventory.. If not warn you 'music sheets only'. You then click on instrument it would play music sheets in it's inventory L-Click function toggles "on/off", Use function opens inventory and R-Click "next track" or (list of selections similar to smelter interface).

    My roughed out suggestion for 3D Custom importing of OBJ

    My explanation is simple Almost all of the people on this suggestion forum are people who are looking to have custom content most of which variations of it will end up being in the game (transportation, trains, food, weapons,elevators, armor)

    Simplest 3D Custom importing

    If a 3D customized importing was built it will immediately eliminate majority all the suggestions people are posting about.
    For example even if some weirdo who wants a statue of: Elivis Presley, Frodo Baggins, Papa Smurf, a bee hive whatever it is.

    That person would open the interface select a few options import his 3D Papa Smurf.OBJ statue as type decoration mimic statue, he could resize it into a tiny toy now is in his game.
    You have another guy who wants some random 3d stepping stone load in OBJ resize it to scale size type decoration mimic statue, he pastes it on outside of his house.
    You have another guy who wants a stove and it to mimic the smelter. He imports resizes his stove to scale. Sets the cost of his stove, Then does all correct drop downs it now becomes usable like a smelter.

    Majority of these people once you have custom 3D objects will have very little suggestions that can't be addressed with importing and mimicking.

    Allow them all to trade or produce these objects on server side suddenly you have a currency put into the game.

    You could give someone a custom 3D dresser object which only you can produce, they give you a 3D disco ball they created and 30 copper ore.

    You put some basic single player objects in let people import even mimic other 3D objects with a good interface, you will have almost no limit to builder's creativity and modification will exceed mine-craft.

    Adjustable Game difficulty and ease of adding new content.
    Another advantage to this system is you as programmers will be able to edit functionality of objects too.
    Such as if you wanted to edit apples trees now give 10 apples instead of 5 apples you could.
    Or if you want to change the cost of the Shelter or Fire. Extra.
    Those that wanted difficult servers could make even a wood chest cost (50 wood & 5 iron) instead of just wood.

    Advanced 3D importing features:

    You have another guy who wants to ride Elephants you select elephants type transportation mimic horse which has a sitting location indicator --> adjust sitting location indicator on putting it on back of elephant.

    You also could do similar things with monster's and animals... Having [Advance Button] appear for NPC. Such as if I wanted a dinosaur in the game I could
    pick type Animal with mimic giraffe, pick AI (giraffe), having a toggle button for skeleton outline of giraffe, I could grab the joints adjust them on my 3D dinosaur OBJ then it uses joint animation from the giraffe for (running, walking, attacking) and AI behavior of (giraffe) yet at same time the dinosaur 3D object / texture .

    That being said the most simplest version of impliementing this which is in my attachments below would provide unlimited non-animated objects in the game which also would provide a lot of creativity even if it wasn't animated/usable objects.

    It's very important to me, if we can copie the terrain, because I want to build some statues.

    And I'm looking forward to it, if we can rotate blocks.^^

    You probably also want rotation as well as that check mark, so you can rotate those statues aka terrain sculptures. I think everyone agrees there should be a check box there. I imagine Red didn't save terrain by default, from what I heard the original land voxels is generated by seed. So if that is the case that would save a lot of storage space. If using a seed, since 99% of all the land clusters will never be touched by a players hand ever. But yes it's frustrating to a lot of us even if I build something I have to build on flat and flatten it because else when I paste the blueprint my house will have a hill in the center of it. Having that as a save option as you mentioned where terrain or air can be inserted as you paste would be helpful clearing out terrain and replacing it with stuff from your blueprint. Because also right now no one can save Gardens, or any vegetation you plant in dirt if dirt is your building. I have a build projects I built up huge land masses that I currently couldn't reproduce even using a blueprint.

    Like this

    Yeah conveyor belts.
    I also am waiting for vertical doors, I need some gates for my castles and others want them for garage doors. Yeah, I pretty much did an essay of my suggestions all into one. I love this game looks like I hate it from my "Past Suggestions" lol.

    AI: example spawn mechanics: spawn on voxel land or water, only if it has unobstructed view of sunlight directly above voxel (so pick random coordinate then from highest point in sky drop the (invisible virtual animal entity as it falls straight down by gravity) if the animal entity were to hit any non voxel point it can't spawn there,time delay few seconds then tries to drop again with the same check<-- avoids any spawns inside of a glass house or inside houses.
    Next after it determines if touched (water, land) checks with animal list for the correct biome what can be placed there (water-> fish/bird) (land -> deer, fox, bear) extra.

    Common Wildlife Suggestions (I am bias - N. American)
    +Jungle: Like Desert but green with palms / ferns / Bananas / Coconut
    Beach: Crabs
    Ocean: Clam <- like plants (* 2016 Plants added under water)
    River: Salmon
    Snow / Plains: Wolf Pack / Deer
    Plains: Cougar aka Mountain Lion <-- use same model as tiger just change texture

    Ground/Tree (raven, robin, pigeons, sparrow, eagle, falcon, sea gulls)

    Birds (water/land) (ducks,geese,swans)

    Rarely flying birds or grounded birds similar to mechanics to existing chicken or rabbit (turkey, pheasant,ostrich)

    Yeah, I am sure everyone wants a check box (on/off) during blueprint saving to save Terrain or Not.

    I am waiting for a lot on blueprinting Rotate at 90 degrees, area protection, mirror, undo

    But that's a year ago so don't hold your breath <X

    I really want area protection & rotation the most because most servers don't let or want you to use blueprints because you can paste over top of things.

    As far as elevators they will likely be some kind of elevator in the game don't know about a train elevator but surely he has heard us about elevators (ancient wood or modern style) already.

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    Hmmm. ... i wonder if lua scripting could be use to have a fox companion follow you around. I dont know enough about how to write scripts for rising world. I dont know of documentation that exists for the current api.

    I thought I heard the game is going to get rid of that LUA replace with Java?

    Yeah I was basically would like to have similar to companion in Skyrim. Even if they can't do much other than stay in my house, garden, chop wood, stand at market trading products, and cook foods. I think a personalized companion is always nice to customize with an AI script. Even if without scripting if they just roam around and defend my village or could be just like simple AI as SIMS where they just walk around pretending like they are using chairs, items, beds & crafting stations. Maybe the Animal/Monster AI behavior would also benefit from that AI allowing monsters to have command line scripts inside temples such as you approach it triggers something like an event.

    But I don't expect any of that to happen it's just a thought experiment.

    I would like horses too especially for me, I am currently working on a castle there are no trains going to appear in medieval era village so horses if they don't require you feed them constantly would be nice to have on the property. Same would be for NPC villagers I just let them occupy the town. Even if they are independent of me if we could spawn in various NPCs from a list tagging them to an object or zone so they don't leave that zone or roam far beyond that object.

    Seems like he wants to do trains over horses. I don't blame him without NPCs to load up horse carts aka wagons. I don't think you could do much as you could with trains hell there is no horse simulator unlike train simulator like 40 add ons lol. You can load ore, passengers, livestock, logs, liquids all on train cars. Granted you could have NPC load up your horse carts too. Wouldn't mind having wagon tracks to work like trains guiding your NPC. Because it probably help having tracks to guide your transportation and animations. Dungeons? I don't know what he's talking about exactly I am assuming just a cave system with artifacts and perhaps monsters. I don't know what to expect from dungeons. Out of all those upcoming ones of course I want to see character models upgrade and trains.

    Red = my guess ... Sounds like a lot of good things to look forward too. Especially customized avatars (player models) I wonder what his goal is for models to use semi-realistic models already available some even free. I hope it's a nice looking realistic since it will be a key feature of how the game is judged even if unfairly or fairly for the games graphic quality. People giving it higher or lower marks on that alone. I don't even know what people are using anymore I haven't played with 3d stuff for several years. Back than we had 3dstudio max, blender, Daz Studio, Poser. Autodesk which blows the budget. Probably so many choices now.

    Example 3D Crafting + Machines added API Scheme

    <rising world><3D> folder
    apple_pie.obj <-- whatever 3d format needed
    apple_pie.texture <-- whatever texture map needed

    <rising world><crafting> folder

    --------Example: crafting.xml---------

    ....My Thought out crafting examples files

    <Recipe='Apple Pie' 3d='apple_pie.obj' texture='apple_pie.texture' time='300' ingredients='4~apple,1~sugar,1~dough' station='stove' icon='applepie.ico' />
    <Recipe='knefla' 3d='knefla.obj' texture='knefla.texture' time='15' ingredients='1~chicken,2~dough,1~potato,1~water' station='stove' icon='knefla01.ico' />
    <Recipe='flour' 3d='flour.obj' texture='flour.texture' time='5' ingredients='1~wheat' station='grinder' icon='flour1.ico'/>
    <Recipe='dough' 3d='dough.obj' texture='dough.texture' station='table' time='10' ingredients='2~flour,1~water' icon='dough01.ico' />
    <recipe='charcoal' name='charcoal' ingredients='2~wood' station='firepit,oven' powertype='thermal' powerunits='20' type='ore' texture='charcoal' icon='charcoal.ico' />

    <Recipe='Grinder' 3d='grinder.obj' texture='grinder.texture' station='workbench' ingredients='300~stone,1~stick' icon='grinder01.ico'/>
    <Recipe='Electric Stove' 3d='electric_stove.3d' texture='grinder.texture' station='workbench' ingredients='10~iron,10~copper,10~plastic' icon='estove.ico' />
    <Recipe='Wood Burning Stove' 3d='stove.3d' texture='stove.3d' station='workbench' ingredients='50~iron' icon='woodstove.ico' />

    --- Partially thought out possible station api

    <station='grinder' name='Grinder' sound='grinder.mp2' animation='grinder.3d.animation' static='grinder.3d' power='kinetic' units='1' reduce_time_per_tick='2'>
    <station='stove' name='Wood Burning Stove' sound='stove.mp2' animation=''stove.3d.animation' static='stove.3d' power='thermal' units='1' reduce_time_per_tick='1' >
    <station='stove' name='Electric Stove' sound='electric_stove.mp2' animation=''electric_stove.3d.animation' static='electric_stove.3d' power='electric' units='10' reduce_time_per_tick='3'>

    Review my screenshots of importing 3D objects for details.

    Looks pretty cool Yakme!

    Thank you. We have much more yet to do as soon as we gather more resources and I look forward to seeing the results so it's not as fast to build as my single player games. I "RedTon" am overseeing the project but others have joined to help most notable in helping this last week Norse who is excellent builder. Server: Freaks R Us .

    zfoxfire, I don't think it's a noob issue if you can't see the full plank/beam as you place it. I try to even walk far away and hold my beam far out in front of me seems like it's fine then it ends up going through the touching wall or not snapping to an angle or onto another beam which should have the same angle. If the block construction ever became similar I think it upset a lot of people as it is now I can clearly see stone blocks outlined before I place them and I have the same size every-time and aligning everything is never any issue. If he just wanted to have blocks to behave like current beam / planks he could. In fact, I wouldn't mind that as an option (beam/plank) to flip through textures of stone as well as wood. But I still like to maintain simplistic of block placing and everything lining up all the time. However we probably got this entire suggestion discussion of adding blocks off track lol. My proposal is still just to add those two blocks or six blocks (if he choose add intersecting blocks with same angle). I think it would add an immediate boost in design options to the builders.