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    Arrakis is nice has most valuable resource in the galaxy also it has plenty of underground lakes. Tatooine is just a bunch of dumb creatures who seriously I don't get how they ever left their home planet, and bug people and crazy Warlords, Bounty hunters, slavers along with 2000 pound slugs.

    I am guessing he will do that considering the three main crops in the world are <wheat,rice,corn> Being western countries are more likely to buy this obviously wheat. I discussed those in 'past suggestions' but Red51's website already listed animal breeding and cooking. So probably don't need to worry about that will be included. I also agree with some of machines, I also listed mills being powered by horse or wind or water probably wouldn't happen until we see more models for machines appearing even if they do nothing at the beginning be nice to have them as placeholders same as train tracks or other machines.

    I know the server I play on "Freaks R Us" would love to lay down legit tracks they have tons of subways and mocked tracks for the server. I think they appreciate tracks even without the trains to get them setup. But I understand why they aren't here before the trains since the model isn't completed. But train tracks pretty much standardized in spacing and size so that steam engines no matter what brand or technological advances could be used on same tracks similar to cars/trucks having certain width/height restrictions based on tunnels extra.

    Personally I enjoy any new thing is great especially a functional object like this fast update of the smelter.
    I wonder why another two smelters? Why not the next one be ovens/grills, since we have grills / smelters already.

    it was on my own single player game, and i re-made a world with diferent seeds

    Who knows. I only can guess it could be light glares, fraction glares, or sun locations during certain times of day. Does all water on your world appear like that all the time? Also next time your on the server check if the
    ponds appear like that to you. I just wonder if it's game generated (random or consistent), graphic card generated (random or consistently). Which you can test by comparing server/nonserver also other ponds. Looks like from your photo just a shadow, try using F10 chunk loader fix. Since I also noticed it's like water floating in air on one side.

    Hi i just bought the game via Steam and crafted the furnace (both versions, to make sure) and I can see the backside, where the fuel is supposed to go in, but all I get when pressing F is 'dieser Brennofen hat keinen Brennstoff.' So no fuel. I have logs and coal in the quickslot but I cant get them in whatever I try. Is it my mistake, or is there some mixup with the steamupdates, as this feature appears to be new.

    First of all I think I seen people putting in lumber not logs... First open the hatch, I never tried but I think people were holding lumber /coal then just clicking them into the slot. Maybe you already figured it out.

    Vortac did video on youtube

    I never tested if you can still turn it on and off to save fuel?
    I don't know either how much will it take to smelt your ore or what's efficiency now that we have two furnaces.

    'bleckman' was that on the freaks R Us server? I didn't notice anything last night. I am the one who wrote a bug in doors but it was mentioned it was already fixed in notes. Hmm.. I wonder what other magic Red51 has. It's like he's Santa with programming elves ... The changes are good. Updates are like a drip drug to my drug of choice Rising world... I sometimes look at my big project wondering will Red51 give me this or do I need to make that? Hmmm... lol

    Bug? Is there a bug with doors don't show directional arrow on how they open anymore.
    After the update to add scaffolding at least on the server I am playing on doesn't have door open indicators anymore.
    I disconnected and reconnected still doesn't show up. I asked Silver also on the server he says he doesn't see them either.
    I am wondering if this occurring for anyone else?

    Although this is a niche suggestion I had this in past suggestions already

    1/2 height doors -> so we could stack them for either a dutch door or leave them as single objects for fence gates or cabinets.

    2 Vertical Doors
    Garage door

    I don't know why that happened your game shouldn't just loose buldings like that I have played hundreds of hours without that but the game saves I heard in SQL but I am not sure. You didn't get errors when you quit? If you stay in that same game maybe you will find it someday.

    Yeah I could care less about ninja bears especially if people / developer read 'past suggestions' which in it I suggested keeping GM 1 or GM 0 on server side exactly as server saves your inventory or spawn location, so save GM 1 server side until you change it so even if you disconnect you don't fall to your death or die from an animal attack. It makes sense even if the invisible animal bug is fixed.

    I've been there too it goes for all servers
    after awhile it takes minutes to place or destroy blocks and movements like you've been stuck in one of the matrix slow motion scene

    Yeah, I assumed it was other servers too. I am pretty sure that happens on every server and builds up over time depending on traffic / disconnection / re-connection probably compounds the problem. Well we will see by the time I go home probably have the release notes so we can see what changed.

    yeah, on the Server it's pretty bad lag after so many logins it drops performance of everyone.

    slowing movement down slower and slower along with degrading FPS on entire server. Makes it appear as if your drunk walking, if FPS goes down if lag you appear as if you character is in slow motion. The weird thing to me it seems to be happening client side since you log off and login it's fine.

    I don't get how it's client side for login lag slowing performance client side or if that's only server side. I can't tell what is degrading me faster or slower overtime in FPS or the bug is more users login and out of the server. Either problem is one or both I don't get how Red51 is managing memory or actions of others are affecting the clients. I assume the response from the server is also getting worse and worse but since I don't have the server info I can not determine that. Only see degrading FPS and notice slow movement of my tools over time.

    I seen some games delay their problem by putting it into the GPUs but that's the same bomb now it has a lot more variation in timers. The normal problems of not clearing out memory graphical entities, lighting and areas no longer in range correctly or float point errors of vertices where things don't line up all can cause build up of garbage which is never dumped. Or sever side not dumping pre-cache graphics or something. I am just assume something graphical since most of that type of memory problem growing exponential fast is. If that was fixed that be a good thing especially for servers. I don't know how your getting inside information but I hope that's looked at since any server that has many users on seems to create an endless disconnect / reconnect for all of us trying to get a fast avatar again.

    Next time don't get lost following methods may house.
    1. Put torches along the way walk or fly I do this in minecraft all the time
    2. when flying explore only spiral pattern same applies to find again
    3. have a compass before you leave.
    4. Make mental notes of your landscape ... Mountains / lakes ... Put a high tower with a torch on top.
    5. Maybe choose not to fly to far away to explore, it's hard to resist.

    You probably never went camping without a cell phone. You must be born after 1990 or millennial. Well I don't blame you if your born after 1990s probably never experienced a time without cell phones or gps.
    If your born before modern cellphones. What were you thinking going off into the woods!

    Now that your lost:
    1. you can use /gps or make a compass to get back to your respawn point.
    2. If you have a respawn point and can't find it craft a compass where you are
    3. or craft a chest / put all your items in their /gps that then kill yourself
    4. or just kill yourself you be home in bed if you don't care about your items
    5. Even if you don't have a bed or shelter to respawn in you will respawn at spawn point which probably is familiar or close to where you started building.
    6. flying / walk only sprial pattern to find it again. If your truly very far away you might not be able to keep your spiral pattern correct and never get back. Leave torch bread crumbs along the ground maybe only way.

    Of course there is want a MAP/GPS like system it's not flushed out IMO not that big of deal compared to other things but it be nice to hit like ('M') to get an instant top down view rendering.
    Someone could probably hack the saved game data out of game, could probably render or generate a map similar to minecraft external map tools do. But there's not millions playing this like minecraft to do that work.

    At least this what we learned in boy scouts in 1980s how to find lost things. Now days they just say call him on his cell phone.

    Yes, Horses are pretty nice been used for work, fighting thousands of years. I like the way Horses worked in Elder Scrolls first in Oblivion as expansion pack with some armor and various other things as well. IMO I don't know how you can compare them to NPC. Since NPC could possible do everything you can but horse would look funny using elevators, mining rocks, working on machines. However I am sure horses will be in the game I don't see why it's not already in the game other than Red51 maybe didn't want a firestorm of people asking him to let us RIDE the horse now! now! now! ... But once you get horse ride-able I don't see why not other animals just put a seat position on back of animal and let all the people go crazy riding elephants, tigers and bears lol.

    Surely there's a lot to do for this game yet.

    Especially in Animal mechanics in general
    (no breeding/babies, no fence aka pens, no way to stop an animal's motion, no method of capture, lack of interaction between species, invisible spawns on servers, not much of AI other than three standard simple modes - [aggressive run at, neutral->aggressive, flee]) Of course riding neutral animals such as a horse has nothing to do with AI or any other things mentioned since it could be as simple as hit 'E' or 'F' <use key> when next to animal holding a saddle it puts on animal and now you ride it.

    I don't know what the update for tomorrow is? I guess bug fixes.

    I have also wished for NPC companions as you @ArcticuKitsu I see you in your suggestions are somewhat similar in many things to mine. Of course great minds think alike but so do fan boys lol. I have a wish for horses as well but NPC companions would be setting it apart from Minecraft which is a good thing. I don't mind having horses, dogs too but I played many games 'Elder scrolls' with companions has been player mod since it's existed this one of first things that we try to do is have an NPC character helper which we boss that NPC around. It's fun to have in game to have these. Yes. I know someone wants a dog or a cat or whatever else as animal companion but I always enjoyed giving my NPC a name, task, and gear. Even if the NPC does nothing for fighting or even nothing other than follow you and you put inventory in the NPC that is better than a dog. Fact is a humanoid NPC can set the tone for your experience in game, I love to have many in my town a list of custom NPCs to spawn in my town even if I had to use ingame a pile of gold / silver to place an NPC in my castle. Even if that NPC doesn't don't do anything. It fill up my empty castle with peasants, knights, ladies, servants. Giving life to my world that even a whole pack of dogs couldn't do as much as one human NPC could. Especially if you had custom spawns for humanoids of Elves, dwarfs, trolls, aliens, robots or would you prefer a dog. I think given the fact that our avatar will have some ability to change clothes or appearance would stand to reason those same things could apply to an NPC we load, it also could take the same animations / AI that the monsters (pathing->finding a shortest path to player/attacking -> range / close /picking up items dropped/ various - animations) will have so it might improve the game overall just having an AI for NPCs.

    I like the way blocks work, I like my block suggestions that I made in 'past suggestions' to be considered (1/2 pitch incline, column segment) but I also like all the planks abilities to shrink and expand in various directions. It seems planks by far is giving everyone the most creative results which I can't reproduce with bricks. That's something I would agree with giving people more manipulation of planks is great with just more textures available. I do however worry in two regards one is client side / server side memory /space, I have never tested it so I would like others more knowledgeable than me to compare for example my friend is an extremely good builder built his roof entirely out of planks then went back on his roof and cut each individual plank for each and every shingle on his roof it looked great but I don't know the taxing cost of that on server side vs normal bricks. Is it virtually nothing in modern era of computing cost and saving, which I am guessing is the case. Maybe someone could test a very large project of all planks verses same with only bricks save in blueprint. In any regards to the result in that, even if it is taxing or requires more data to be piped to clients, I still like to see more plank textures. Because single games certainly don't need to worry about that.

    I think that will become more complex though if Red51 ever decides on using planks in other things like rotating blue prints extra since you have to save size of planks/rotation/angle.

    I don't know if I mentioned anything directly to zfoxfire but @Miwarre read my post of my 'Past Suggestions', I was trying to address customization suggestions including this one of replay-ability by including player made scripts with custom crafting / story lines / custom 3d Objects. That's what I was trying to hint in my suggestions. If crafting was simple as text file for modification or even better if we had built in screens for loading in and changing settings for lazy people. Of course it would be good to have some pre-loaded to give people easy access for loading new or modified crafting recipes as well as loading new 3d objects.

    Hear, hear! I'm glad someone else expressed exactly my feelings (as I tend to have heterodox opinions...).

    I also always turn music off in all software, hate ambient music in 'real world' situations (shops, restaurants, elevators, ...) and enjoy the silence, when possible, with a little addition of natural noises. Even natural noises might be disturbing in the reality (there is ore specific bird in my garden which whistles a single note call every few seconds and might go on for hours: if it catches your attention once, you risk to go mad!) and I would prefer even them to be rather low in volume and far apart in the game.

    About the music itself, being an amateur musician myself, I understand it might sound disrespectful and I am sorry, but do whatever you like, as @YakMe, I will keep most likely it turned off.

    Perhaps in this we are the same. I don't know how many times morning doves with the giant loud "CAH COO COO COO, WOO WOO WOO" at 5 am I can deal with. The little bird chirps I don't mind it's not bellowing as that.

    It's like a bad flute player trying to play