Error with latest update - Seems to disappear blocks/beams

  • On our server several people are getting stuck more than usual in the dirt, also a lot of placed objects (beams & blocks) are disappearing for some while appearing for others. On the server we can have some people who don't see for example a part of a fence and other people see it, the ones that don't see it can walk through the fence while others who see can not. This is on the server seems to affect one area at a time. I took a few screen shots one of the road missing then coming back after about 10 minutes. The other stuff sometimes doesn't come back for people until they relog. The weird thing was the fence disappeared for me and I am the one who placed the fence in the first place. Yet people who stood right next to me could see it. It wasn't just me because another guy zoned in couldn't see it either and also walk through it but another guy could so out of four of us it was split. Lastly eventually it came back for all of us after a few relogs.

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