Water- Removing And Placement Tutorial

  • Hi there everyone, Arcane here: A couple days ago I was working on a water tutorial and I had it schedule for release for today at noon EDT. Well silly me been watching the X-Files all day and forgot all about sharing it with you. So let's go ahead and do that shall we?

    My video isn't the best of quality and it's definitely not recorded in 60fps or 1080p. During my series none of it will be recorded in a higher quality than 720p 25fps. Still looks just as good and it comes without lag. So I've done the best I could and I really hope this helps a lot of you. Thank you for your time :)

  • Thanks for the guide!
    Also, nice constructions, I really liked the style. Would be cool to see more guides like this one in the future :)

    Thank you. Not sure when but I'm going to start a tutorial series on the game. It will have tutorials in English for every command, object including updates on how to's and what nots to do. I have seen my fair share of tutorials for this game already most of which are good, but I want to explore the in-depth of the game. Want to install a script, textures or anything else that pops up along the way I'll do it all. Thank you :)

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