• I've been reading through these forums and call me an idiot if you will but I have a question. Where do I put the server files? I've opened the zip file and found it has a bin folder. I don't want to go replacing folders that could affect the game itself in such a way that it causes the game to crash continually. Want to open my world but password protected with a whitelist so a few friends could join. I've downloaded Hamachi installed it and now scratching my head about these server files. In some games we just drag them to the game files, others you have to create specific folders. Can anyone please clarify the proper installation, please? Thank you all for your time and patience. Oh and my router is a Sagemcom with only a ipv4 address can't log into it because I can't remember my username for it, the password I know :)

  • It doesn't matter where you put the server files, it's just recommendable to put the server files into a separate folder ;) You can put this "server" folder into your game directory if you want, or anywhere else.
    When starting the server, make sure you never execute the "server.jar" directly, but use the "win_startscript.bat" instead.

    If you have no access to the router, and can't retrieve the password, there is unfortunately no chance to forward the ports. Since you don't have an IPv6 address, the only way to play via internet is to use a program like Tunngle or Hamachi. But make sure you set "server_hive_verification" and "server_list_visible" in the file to false (this requires a restart of the server).

    If you want password protection, put your passwort next to the "server_password" field in the "". To use a whitelist, set the value "settings_whitelisted" to true, and create a new file named "whitelist" in your server directory. Open this file with a texteditor and put the names of the whitelisted players there (either one name per line, or separated by a semicolon).

    Alternatively you can also use the Steam server, it can be found in your Steam library under "Tools". But it's basically exactly the same a the downloadable dedicated server from our homepage^^

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