Changelog 2014-06-09: Static lighting

  • Hey folks!

    The new update is now available! The launcher downloads it automatically - as always :)

    This update introduces static lighting, i.e. you get the ability to place torches in the world. In order to place a torch in the world, you have to craft a mount for it. After placing the mount, you can attach the torch to it. Afterwards, you can pickup the torch at all time and hold it in your hands, while it still spends light.

    This update also contains some major bugfixes.

    Current restrictions, which will be fixed in the future:

    • Torchlights will not be blocked by walls
    • Sometimes light is wrong, but gets updated correctly after modifying the chunk
    • Rotation of mounts does not fit exactly to special blocktypes, like cylinders


    Full changelog:

    • [New] Static lighting works now again (i.e. torches can be placed in the world)
    • [New] A mount for torches can be crafted which is required to place torches on walls etc.
    • [Change] Chunks are now saved differently which should be a little bit more efficient
    • [Change] Object and Vegetations receive light with higher precision now
    • [Change] Renamed some Lua database functions
    • [Change] Adjusted specular lighting
    • [Change] Reduced direct memory consumption by sharing more buffers
    • [Bugfix] Fixed the problem that plants (trees, scrubs) were fully black sometimes
    • [Bugfix] Fixed some problems with the ingametime
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a bug that you wake up after sleeping while it was still night
    • [Bugfix] Lua Label and Panel setX() and setY() work properly now
    • [Bugfix] Lua setTimer() function no longer causes a 'ConcurrentModificationException'
    • [Bugfix] Server no longer skips night when no player is online
    • [Bugfix] Hopefully fixed the problem with missing chunks

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