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  • Alright, this one may be out in the odd zone for this community, yet if you guys/girls want to assist me in experimenting then that be much appreciated. There's something I need help with because I can't program, and it's also something I want to experiment with at the same time which also might be beneficial to the community by using lessons learned from this to be used in other scripts & plugins. There's this now "dead" figure line named 'Busou Shinki' that spawned both an anime & figure line, as well as a few games, yet Konami was brainless by pulling the plug on it & everything else it had that it just died out. I now want to experiment with something by both adding these 15 cm tall robots into the game while also seeing if they can be programmed like 'Turtles' in Minecraft's Computercraft plugin.

    - Busou Shinki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Busou_Shinki
    - Turtle: http://computercraft.info/wiki/Turtle

    I can't really find a model anymore, yet if anybody wants to do a 'statue figure' modeling then be my guest. I guess until I find something nothing shall happen, yet I want to try out the following:


    - Statue/Furniture:

    In a basic form I would find it interesting to somehow have 15 cm tall statue forms of them in various poses. Whatever would best suit them in their static position that's how they could be displayed on furniture, and such. That, or even have furniture & acecssories based on them added into the game, such as 'hug pillows', desks, tables, or whatever else. Even a battle arena type accessory. Something simple, static, something to display.

    Lore wise the 15 cm robots would sleep in a cradle to charge their battery supply back up.

    - Interaction [Turtle Element]:

    For those that have fiddled with a Turtle in Computercraft may know where I'm going with this. Basically interact & prompt lines to pop up which would then have them roam about, mine, tend to farms, or whichever. Maybe even fly about aimlessly, or stay as a static figure. Whatever you can end up programming smoothly they should try doing it. As much as they're a combat focused robots they can also tend to light duties. Some can even fly, as well as swim underwater. Some are vehicles, some are just more 'human-like'. Various stuff to attach to them. I'm aware they would stay static, yet it be interesting to see their 'staticness' tending to stuff in a "for science" manner.

    The purpose of this one is to see if we can give commands to objects for them to roam about, to detect if there's farming to be done & to dump the food into the chests. How many they detected would pop back into the nearby assigned chest, or something. This might be more of an NPC thing to do for Red51, yet again......experimentation and...."For science!'

    Nope, not anymore.


    - Bonus Bonus [Frame Arm Girl]:

    Seeing as how Konami brianlessly killed everything there's a new figure line in Japan from Kotobukya which continues on where Busou SHinki was abruptly ended. It's up to whomever wants to assist to add in a static object(s) of either Busou Shinki or Frame Arm Girl into this to experiment with the API scripting. Treat them as model kits, furniture, or to see if you can interact with the object directly to command them like Turtles from Computercraft.

    Yeah.....I'll need to hunt down a model to use, and a curious person to assist me with this. If you're interested then do let me know. I'll also understand if nobody wants to for how "anime" or "Japanese" this may be, yet at least think of the Minecraft Turtles before you shrug this off into nothingness. :whistling:

  • Alright, I'm just going to bump this because (because I 100% forgot about this thread) the next update is going to allow me to re-scale NPCs, and only NPCs. You'll be allowed to re-scale the NPCs down to (and up into giants)....... This quote shall explain. There'll be limits, yet if someone desires they could even make 'Attack on Titan' anime mods, or whichever.


    and maybe there might be some restrictions (e.g. a min and max size, especially since extreme scales [e.g. 1 mm or 100 km] might cause some trouble ^^ but 15 cm will definitely work)

    I'll be able to make 15 cm tall NPCs themed to Busou Shinki that, from my knowledge, I'll be able to have Shinki Benio (as seen in the images attached) added into the game. It all depends what we're actually given, yet we shall be given samurai armour, and I believe a samurai sword. Don't quote me on the samurai sword, yet it is possible. I, again, want someone to assist me (once this 'Player Model & Animations' update is released) to help me try and get these little ones added into the game. Just in the game, modeled up armour & accessory wise for these 'Busou Shinki', and maybe even Frame Arms Girls.

    I'm all excited because we'll have access to 15 cm/6 inches tall NPCs (which you can rescale). I even forgot this thread existed, yet do ignore the green status bubble above. Nothing is done, it's only 'still in planning'. I really would love it if someone would try and help me with this once the update is out.


    Then there's something more 'complex' because there's Renge, whom is based on a 'Ninetails' (9 tailed fox spirit) from the Japanese folklore. She has fox ears & 1-9 tails. She even has 9 daggers (for 9 tails) to represent her 9-tailed fox type. I prefer her PSO2 version over the figure version when it comes to modding her in. Even lines under her eyes.

    PSO2 JP - Shinki Renge by SubTrance, on Flickr

    PSO2 JP - Shinki Renge by SubTrance, on Flickr

    PSO2 JP - Shinki Renge by SubTrance, on Flickr

    That's not how Renge actually appears. She originally appears as the below, yet I had to 'smooth' her out in an online anime sci-fi fantasy game. having to make her appear more robotic, and even trying to get her to appear foxy. I'm wishing that some of her appearance shall be in vanilla to simplify things, yet unsure what to do about the fox ears & tail.

    P1290437 by SubTrance, on Flickr

    Yeah. I'll be able to 100% spawn Benio, but Renge is another issue altogether. She'll need her blue foxy eyes, white ears, and white fox tail. Benio is easier off because she'll have her samurai gear she could wear, and maybe even her samurai sword.


    - Video:

    Benio - Type Samurai (in combat):

    (You'll see that she's in samurai gear, can wield a musket, as well as a lance/naginata type weapon. She's already set from the get-go, and that makes me extremely happy.)

    - Kohiru (Type Chopsticks)

    (Yeah, I feel that Kohiru shall be pushing it that I'm wishing, and hoping, for some alternatives in Japanese fashion in Rising World. Her fashion is retro Japanese that it'll be difficult. Rising World won't have chopstick weapons, nor the throwing weapon of hers. Hmm.........)

    Yeah, I'm excited because the 'Player Model & Animation' update shall allow me to do things on my own, yet I shall still need people's help, if they so choose to assist me. I do hope clothing can be imported with ease, similar to how you'd add in posters & staticmodels in that plugin. Even accessories attached onto the head, back, and such.


    My serious request to Red51 would be the ability to pick up these NPCs by holding them in your hand (if small enough), as well as having them on your shoulder (also, small enough). Shall be adorable. That, and being able to pick up chickens to transport them quicker to places in a more immersive manner.

  • If you guys want to move this thread to the mod discussion then you're free to do that.


    I was recently given a .blender file of 'Shinki Renge' that I want to finally see about adding her into Rising World. I'm 100% serious about this that I hope we can give imported .blender files some sort of basic AI, or pre-defined Ai behaviours, that we can just plop them into a folder to give them some sort of life. I wish we could be given an option to turn humanoid objects into humanoid AI in Rising World that they would then behave accordingly in Rising World that when Bandit & pirate NPCs are added that something with that can be used to allow Renge here to be added into Rising World. It would also allow other people to add in their own humanoids into Rising World that you may or may not see a curious modding boom.

    Someone sent me this that I would finally love to see her in my Rising World game by just roaming about, finding things at random (plugin wise), to assist in whatever way she can, while also being 15 in height. Following me, being "held", or whatever Rising World shall allow in the form of NPC transportation similar to how parrots sit on your shoulder in Minecraft.

    If you guys can help me, I 100% need your help in this in adding Renge into Rising World while giving her basic AI to do something. When AI matures I shall eventually ask that she would find things via plugins at random, among other things. Even combat, though she won't really be effective at 15cm tall.

    Also, With the Dummy NPC addition I "tried" adding Shinki Benio that she's not really 1:1. I would love to make her smaller as a 15 cm entity that I would later move her upstairs into my room on the second floor in 'Fox Tower'. She's standing in the lobby in my current build.

    Compare the Benio image below with the Benio image in the attachment above this posting.

    Need a samurai band and more hair options. I wish Rising World shall grow and mature to the point it would compete with Japanese Illusion +18 games such as Koikatu/Koikatsu, Haremate, and such. Not on the lewd part, but the customization & Studio part modding wise. I'm so CLOSE now! I just need to import Renge into Rising World then I can see her roaming about! Then we need the interactions and what makes her awesome.

  • Hello Ark, I know someone who can help you out with Busou Shinki. I"m also sorry for what hahpened to you on Busou Shinki World. I'm aware forum users can be fairly mean to one another. DOn't take it too harshly. Someone suggested to work on Busou SHinki again for Rising WOrld. I'll help where able. The least I can do is provide you the following.


    That link leads to another forum and tools.

    Some texture renderers to help place into whatever game youze desire.


    May your Busou Shinki endevours bode well to you. Merry Tsugaru Christmas! I know it is late I still had ot say it. heypo I fgured out how to use the edit button.cute.

  • I'm amused a few folks actually managed to find this thread. Some (or maybe one) even helping me gain access to various new models. I genuinely actually forgotten about this thread assuming it had never happened at all. Had I known it was something I had initially desired I would have copy-and-pasted this to the Unity side of things while also deleting this Java thread. Maybe I should, or start absolutely fresh for Unity side noting what I desire from it. I should let this thread die and re-do the thread as a Unity one.

    As for the apology for Busou Shinki World I'm aware that users can be anal and rude on every bit of forums. I'm used to it, but I still do fight back. It's honestly a shame when people ignore you over trivial nonsense though. Childish. People have egos in ways they try to compensate for something they lack, but it be nice if we could talk like friends. People have forgotten how to talk to one another as humans. It was refreshing talking to other hobby folks in Japan. That was awesome! That's beside the point.

    I've already contacted (actually, been contacted BY them) the one person (or have for a long while now). I'm oblivious to the obvious. They provided me with Shinki Benio, Kohiru, Sharatang, and others. Awesome! I've also heard Red51 noting we'll get NPC Dummies for Unity version (upcoming update) so I can probably fiddle with something basic on the NPC Dummy end. If the NPCs can be resized then I can do something about that. At least a basic Samurai outfit and sword. I would have them wander around the recently built 'Busou Shinki HQ' (based on Konami's Kobe 1990's building) to contain all my Busou Shinki goodies. Once I figure out how to use any 'Model Loader' or 'object loader' I'll import them into my Unity world, including the linked Busou Shinki models. Granted, I also have to piece together archaic models together to even be used in both VRChat & Rising World. Everything is a hassle.

    I was shown how to use the texture renderer last night, though had to stop thanks to constant brain farts. We had a bit of a laugh, though shall figure how to use it out later. They know, I don't. I have to learn this stuff.

    Thanks, and I hope so as well. I guess it's time to kill this thread and revive it for Unity version. This thread isn't themed well for Unity. It needs to be re-done.

    Merry Tsugaru Christmas! I was also gifted a fully rigged Tsugaru model. Nice! A little late for Christmas, but at least she arrived late. Maybe I can have fun with Tsugaru next Christmas in both VRChat AND Rising World.

    So, I have Tsugaru, Sharatang, Kohiru, and Benio. Sadly, I have to fight to have them built up like models. Piece them together to then have them useable in both Rising World and VRChat. That's going to be a chore and a half. I simply desire to have someone knowledgeable to do this for me (Tsugaru is already molded & rigged).

    Just give me a properly detailed Rising World Mod Kit and I'll do everything on my own. :nerd:

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