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    Alright, this one may be out in the odd zone for this community, yet if you guys/girls want to assist me in experimenting then that be much appreciated. There's something I need help with because I can't program, and it's also something I want to experiment with at the same time which also might be beneficial to the community by using lessons learned from this to be used in other scripts & plugins. There's this now "dead" figure line named 'Busou Shinki' that spawned both an anime & figure line, as well as a few games, yet Konami was brainless by pulling the plug on it & everything else it had that it just died out. I now want to experiment with something by both adding these 15 cm tall robots into the game while also seeing if they can be programmed like 'Turtles' in Minecraft's Computercraft plugin.

    - Busou Shinki: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Busou_Shinki
    - Turtle: computercraft.info/wiki/Turtle

    I can't really find a model anymore, yet if anybody wants to do a 'statue figure' modeling then be my guest. I guess until I find something nothing shall happen, yet I want to try out the following:


    - Statue/Furniture:

    In a basic form I would find it interesting to somehow have 15 cm tall statue forms of them in various poses. Whatever would best suit them in their static position that's how they could be displayed on furniture, and such. That, or even have furniture & acecssories based on them added into the game, such as 'hug pillows', desks, tables, or whatever else. Even a battle arena type accessory. Something simple, static, something to display.

    Lore wise the 15 cm robots would sleep in a cradle to charge their battery supply back up.

    - Interaction [Turtle Element]:

    For those that have fiddled with a Turtle in Computercraft may know where I'm going with this. Basically interact & prompt lines to pop up which would then have them roam about, mine, tend to farms, or whichever. Maybe even fly about aimlessly, or stay as a static figure. Whatever you can end up programming smoothly they should try doing it. As much as they're a combat focused robots they can also tend to light duties. Some can even fly, as well as swim underwater. Some are vehicles, some are just more 'human-like'. Various stuff to attach to them. I'm aware they would stay static, yet it be interesting to see their 'staticness' tending to stuff in a "for science" manner.

    The purpose of this one is to see if we can give commands to objects for them to roam about, to detect if there's farming to be done & to dump the food into the chests. How many they detected would pop back into the nearby assigned chest, or something. This might be more of an NPC thing to do for Red51, yet again......experimentation and...."For science!'


    - Bonus Bonus [Frame Arm Girl]:

    Seeing as how Konami brianlessly killed everything there's a new figure line in Japan from Kotobukya which continues on where Busou SHinki was abruptly ended. It's up to whomever wants to assist to add in a static object(s) of either Busou Shinki or Frame Arm Girl into this to experiment with the API scripting. Treat them as model kits, furniture, or to see if you can interact with the object directly to command them like Turtles from Computercraft.

    Yeah.....I'll need to hunt down a model to use, and a curious person to assist me with this. If you're interested then do let me know. I'll also understand if nobody wants to for how "anime" or "Japanese" this may be, yet at least think of the Minecraft Turtles before you shrug this off into nothingness. :whistling:
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