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  • I love how I keep trying out different free models yet keep struggling to get them working. I wish there was at least some minor confirmation that it can read the model, yet leave the textures untouched, similar to how the dog appears white at times. I'd love that kind of confirmation. When you remove the textures nothing pops up that I love some form of intel on what's going on. I'm now trying to get this properly running on a test singleplayer world while I wait for further plugin support from Red51. I'd love to be able to put in models without struggling.

    Currently trying to experiment with this one, yet it's just a pain in the rear

    I timed out that I'd have to wait to give it another go (test) again. ||

  • Queen of Haszadaar:

    This 3d Model is for the Statics Plugin:

    If you would like to add this item to your server, follow the quick steps.

    Download the Plugin.
    Unzip the Haszadaar file.
    on your server dictionary create a plugin folder.
    within your statics plugin folder create a new file called haszadaar.model

    inside the file it should read...


    Note: the px, py , pz are the Coordinates don't use what i have down press F3 to find out yours...

    when you get a dialog look to the very top left, there are your coordinates starting with... px , py, then pz.

    Note: type it out just as i have it, i figured out that the .png files had to be in a certain order for the mesh to show properly. Also note keep everything loser case just so you know everything is the same.

    Now create a " New Directory" within the plugin folder and called it haszadaar.
    Within this Folder upload the following files.

    - haszadaar.obj
    - haszadaar2.png
    - haszadaar3.png
    - haszadaar1.png

    now when you start the game, you have to be the Admin of course, in your console command type " reloadplugins " this will reload your plugins and show your model.

    Thats it!

    I am using megafire for this its a 16gb file lol...

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