Other player using my images

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  • Other player using my images

    It appears you can somehow access other players images?

    Not sure how, but when I asked him, he said "I don't know I just placed it" I'm not mad about him taking the images. Just extremely curious and surprised. Now some of the pictures I posted are edited ones from the internet. But the one with strawberries I edited, as in I took a png of them and overlapped them a bunch of times, to a point where its unique and impossible to find that exact image without me sharing it. Or so I thought. Anyways, I would have thought he used the same images as me from the internet (ie. watermelons and lemons) that were barely edited. But then how did he get the strawberries png file?

    Is this a bug or some feature which I am too naive of how to accomplish? I know they are supposed to be tied to the player that uploaded them, but is it possible for the images to be tied to more than 1 player?
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  • Xalzia wrote:

    It appears you can somehow access other players images?
    Well, basically all images need to be transferred to the client. RW uses a custom extension for image files (and every image contains some additional meta data, like creation date, uploader etc), but apparently there are some programs out there which are able to open these images...
    We could encrypt the images, but I'm not sure if this is really necessary (and encryption/decryption would take some additional time when loading an image)

    _Joe_ wrote:

    its an bug, when you click very fast trough the poster preview you can get access to other players poster.
    Really? I wasn't aware of such a bug =O Did someone experience the same issue?
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