Custom Size Doors

  • Picture this: any door you want with any (realistic) dimensions. No wait, even better, any door, any realistic dimensions, and maybe even any shape.
    How will this be accomplished? How would it work? And what is this about any shape? 8|

    First, the basics of door mechanics: Doors swing in 90 degree arcs. Thats all there is to it. I'm pretty sure anyways.

    If you change the width of a door, you change the size of the arc. But that 90 degrees remains the same. The height doesn't affect the size of the arc. But to be more realistic (You dont want 6 or 10 block tall doors opening as fast as a 4 block tall door) The overall area of the door could affect the speed at which the door opens and closes.

    For realistic dimensions, there has to be a strict and absolute minimum and an arbitrary maximum. The minimum of course for standing doors would be 3 blocks tall and 1 block wide. The maximum could be any size tbh. But a door which is 20 blocks tall and 10 blocks wide does seem a bit overkill. Unless its a castle gate. ;) Then it would have to be thicker, but I wont go into that as I would have to talk about volume instead of area.

    How will this work in game?

    Just like a plank changes dimensions, so should a door. The door should only ever rotate around the YAW axis. But a plank has a max height and width. So we could do it like that, OR we could have a new object similar to a beam. These new objects could be thought of as 1 long hinge (ppft,we don't need , thats too complicated unless we use a texture of door hinges) We just set the height of the new object and voila. Now we just need to place the planks and beams on the edge of the door.

    The possibilities look like this: If I were allowed to go beyond the height of the new object, I could create somewhat round doors or octagon doors. The only limit to this would be our imagination and the texture materials we have available. But the upside would be more detailed doors.
    Now that I talked professionally, I'm just going to ask:
    :!: Now what about sliding doors :?: Where are the sliding doors? I want doors that slide open horizontally as well as vertically. Single doors would work fine. I saw a texture that seemed like a sliding door.

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