Changelog 2014-07-06: Part 1 of several changes

From now on, we will use this info box to inform you about noteable updates on our Trello-Roadmap!

Trello update: We've recently implemented grass and now finalized the occlusion renderer to prevent grass from passing through objects. In addition to that, snowfall now also affects meadows
  • Here is a new update, it's the first part of several changes we're currently working on (see announcement).

    Since this update contains many smaller changes and a lot of bugfixes, there is no real feature to focus on. The changelog should be more meaningful ;)


    Full changelog:

    • [New] Ingame filebrowser for selecting images (no longer causes alt-tabbing to desktop)
    • [New] New vegetations: Flowers and ferns
    • [New] Triplanar textureblending for LOD chunks (avoid stretched textures on cliffs)
    • [New] Admincommand to query information from multiplayerserver (e.g. memory consumption etc.)
    • [Change] Worldgeneration updated to create bigger cave entrances
    • [Change] Flames of torches are now visible over greater distances
    • [Change] When cutting grass, a larger area is affected
    • [Change] Adjusted transitions between normal chunks and LOD chunks, almost no more gaps
    • [Change] Adjusted lightintensity of torches
    • [Change] Reduced the amount of trees outside of forests
    • [Change] Updated startscreen, no longer "black screen" for the first seconds
    • [Change] Checkbox in settings menu for triplanar blending for LOD chunks
    • [Change] Changed appearance of tooltips
    • [Bugfix] Grass cutting has been reworked, works much better now
    • [Bugfix] Fixed missing parts of grass
    • [Bugfix] Fixed the startscript of the linux version (game installs to correct folder now)
    • [Bugfix] Reduced "flying plants" near cave entrances to a minimum (or did they vanish completely?)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed sometimes missing flames of torches
    • [Bugfix] Fixed sometimes wrong doorcollision
    • [Bugfix] Fixed error when remapping controls during runtime
    • [Bugfix] World entries in singleplayermenu are now always clickable
    • [Bugfix] Fixed itemcount for crafting menu
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong collision of some objects
    • [Bugfix] Custom images correctly use alphavalue of imagefile (e.g. .png) now

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