Rising World Installation

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  • Hello,

    I have recently purchased and installed Rising World. However, the installation has not gotten past the download of the vertx-client.jar. I have downloaded the game in the Windows version, and the file contains a 'Rising World' option and a '32-bit' option. I have a 64-bit, Windows 7 computer. I have tried everything I can to get it to work including restarting my computer and deleting and re-downloading the game. If I could get help or information for my problem that would be great. I can't wait to play! ^^

    Thank you,

  • Sorry for my late response! If you have a 64 bit OS, you have the execute the regular "Rising World.exe" (not the 32 bit exe).
    What happens exactly after downloading the "vertx-client.jar"? Does the launcher just close? Or do you get an error message?

  • Here's what I did.
    I re-downloaded the file and a folder popped up. I extracted the items, and then the 32-bit rising world and rising world options come up. I click on the rising world option, and then the Rising World Loader pops up. As it loads, more items appear along with the 32-bit rising world and rising world options including "lib", "data", and "loader". It stops loading at "Finished downloading vertx-client.jar (25.6 kB) in 0:0:0". From there, (I might not be doing the right procedure at this point) I search for the "vertx-client" in my computer. I find it and click on it, but a Java Virtual Machine Launcher comes up reading "A Java Exception has occurred."
    That is where I got and where I am stuck.

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