Fail .... Things that the users built are disapearing

  • ok, i'll ask the obvious...what server are you referring too?....if you could be more specific,your sure to get a response.Please note:
    if your referring to a "random" server,you'll probably need to contact whoever is hosting it.if your referring to the deadlands,or the "unofficial"rising world server,there are threads/topics in place for both.

  • It's a server Running on a rootserver ( Sunny Rising World Server) and we are doing the restarts but how often should we do this and should we do it with batchfiles or something else .... because it's on a rootserver

  • Check your process list for extra copies of the server running.

    The most common source I have seen on the forums for not saving is that you have more than one instance of the server running.
    Like through a partial crash or something, and there is an older instance that still has locks on the save files, and therefore the newer instances has the users connections but cannot write to the files.

    If you cannot find it try rebooting and see if that fixes the issue.

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