Hosting a server, but won't let me connect

  • Hello,
    I recently created a dedicated server on my pc. My friend can connect just fine, but I can't seem to connect to my own server. Anyone have any ideas?

    Also, how do I access the server log in order to see who has logged in, etc. I'm sort of new to this. Help!


  • Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know there was an answer to this question inside the link you've provided. Oh, wait...there isn't. I followed the directions in that thread and, imagine that, to no avail. Either you have useful information that would give me the necessary know-how on allowing me to connect to the server I created, that my friend can connect to (Port Forwarding Obviously Works), or you have no idea what I'm asking. I will post the question in a more elaborate format so that you may be able to answer:


  • I can help you.
    Once you start appreciating the free help you get from people who have no responsibility for this software (and the server software is free, by the way). Even though he didn't provide you with something that fixed your problem, he still took his time to post something that might could've helped you.

  • In order for any of us to help, you need to post some more info. Where is the server hosted? Is it in your home or at a datacenter? If the game is running at home, is it on the same machine you are playing on, and if so, what IP or URL are you connecting to in that case? Are you running a strict firewall at your location that might be blocking your outbound connections? (connections you are making from your PC to the outside world). Is there an extremely intrusive anti-virus running on your system? What is the anti-virus product? Usually anti-virus shouldn't interfere with any game (except maybe the installer), but you never know.

  • Oh, you said on your PC. So at home on the same PC you are playing on. Try connecting to or localhost? Of course you did. The hosts file is located in the C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\ directory. It says that the DNS resolutions for localhost are handled in the DNS (Windows 8). So make sure the DNS client service is running. Also what OS are you running?

  • This may or may not help too if it is an internal DNS issue. It appears that if you are running Windows 7 and up, you need to check to see if the DNS client service is running via the control panel->admin tools->services (looks for DNS Client):…ws-8-1-but-127-0-0-1-does
    If you are running XP (and maybe this is true in Vista) look in the C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts file and see if localhost is defined in there.

  • I've actually been having the same problem as well so if anyone can think of anything that hasn't already been mentioned that'd be greatly appreciated.

    I've been running the DS on:

    Windows 7 64 bit
    Dlink DIR-857 router
    AVG internet suite

    I've even gone as far as resetting the router back to factory and redoing the configurations and even tried disabling the anti-virus and firewall and yet my friends can still connect without issue and it doesn't even show in the server list for me nor let's me connect via inputting the IP.

  • @voicesdark, regarding "I've actually been having the same problem". Are you running your own server on the same PC you are playing on? That is the situation described by the OP. If so, and if you are connecting to localhost or then router settings are irrelevant (unless you want others to connect to your PC). If you are running Windows 7 then ensure your DNS client service is running. The firewall may be relevant but usually not when connecting to the loopback (again, unless you want other to connect to you as well). If you are running on the same PC as the client, then you won't see the server in the server list if your proper ports aren't being forwarded. AVG may be an issue since it is not only an anti-virus but an internet suite (includes more protection and probably a firewall).
    The first thing to do is check the server console output. In order to capture all of the output, edit the win_startscript.bat and make the existing line look like this:

    java -jar server.jar > log.txt 2>&1

    the "> log.txt 2>$1" will cause all stdout and all errors to go to log.txt. This way you can view the whole thing and save it, post it, etc.

    Oh! And make sure that there isn't another instance of the server running in the background. If your client is running, and the server is running, you should only see 2 instances of java.exe in the task list.

    Look for errors there.

  • ends up all I had to do was change one line in the server properties from:




    and now it's letting me connect fine, just have to make sure my two friends can connect fine after they get back from the whole Christmas thing. Thanks for the help.

  • I am happy you got it sorted out. I didn't think about that. I had to do the same thing because I was having disconnect issues like crazy last week. Not sure why I didn't think about that. I guess because you said your friends could connect and you were hosting on the same PC that you were playing on. My mind immediately went to a DNS issue on the local machine. Sorry about that. Maybe that will help the OP out.

  • Could you guys do me a favor and not be dicks? I understand that certain users have questions that would leave obvious answers (I don't know what the answer to his question is) but could you refrain please? This has been the most pleasant forum that I have joined in the past few years and would hate to have it deteriorate into what most other alpha game forums have become. Keep it classy, San Diego.

    Thanks for all you work guys, as I don't post often. Can't wait to see what Rising World has to come in the future. Obviously I'm not an eye-for-an-eye kind of person.

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