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The animal update is now finally available for the new version!

    How would we update our servers to beta? I've tried a bunch of stuff, like:
    - app_update "339010 -beta 0.9-update" validate
    - app_update "339010 -beta 0.9-update - preview" validate

    - app_update "339010 -beta 0.9 - preview" validate

    - app_update "339010 -beta latest" validate

    - app_update "339010 -beta beta" validate

    - and others

    The account that runs the server has almost full access to the directory in which the game server is installed. A few file types that we specify won't be visible to the user, but the account that runs the server will still be able to use these.
    The necessary permissions are applied to the /tmp folder as well.

    Could just be that the world conversion is taking a long time. When started through TCAdmin, TCAdmin will shut down the server if it's not responding within 5 minutes (which it isn't since it hasn't been started properly). My guess would be that the issue here is the 5-minute-restart? I'd guess the conversion starts all over.


    Since the latest update, we've had issues with a clients server. The server can't boot. This is the log:

    It just goes in loop like this forever - it's been running for hours with no progress.

    We've tried moving the server to a new location, deleting the cache, removing the lib folder and force a Steam update, but nothing has been able to solve the problem for us.

    We're currently testing SteamCMD with our servers. This allows us to customize a lot of things from the command line instead of having them configured in the properties file, so customers shouldn't have any trouble if they accidently delete their file anymore since IP and port is no longer specified in that file.

    Wondering whether or not to rent a server at Prima Servers? Save half the worries and half the money by using the promo code 'RW-SteamCMD' (without the apostrophes) - 50% off for ever until the 1st of February 2015.

    I was thinking that it would be used for something like a Bungeecord server in Minecraft. Once mods/advanced scripts are introduced, I'm sure that there will be different ways to play the game (maybe minigames and such), and being able to go from a 'normal' server to a minigame server without having to disconnect would certainly be appealing. :)