Smelters won't work - 01/03/2017

  • Started a new game few days ago, and finally built a Large Smelter today, but I can't put my ores in it.
    I keep my ores in my hand, I target the slot and finally press E (changed my controls) but the ore won't "spawn" on the slot and on top of that, it substract the ore from my stack anyway. So the ores just disappear in thin air when I try to place it in the furnace.
    Thought, maybe the Large Shelter is new and there's still bugs along, so I built the small one.
    I can place the ores in it, but after some times (required time to melt ores) they just disappear! No ingots, just pure emptiness.

    But to be serious, the large furnace eats my ores and the small one eats my ingots.

    Help cuz I can't grow since I need metals to advance.

    Playing on a Mac.

    Thanks for the future update :)

  • I have not actually tried the large furnace yet but with the small furnace I have had no problem.

    Put coal in as fuel.
    Add ore to a quick key active item box at top of screen and activate that item by selecting it.
    Move the mouse cursor across each pocket, each ore will fall into the pocket beneath the cursor in the trays.
    Right click and the nugget is placed into the pocket.
    Turn the furnace on.
    6 minutes later the ores become ingots
    Turn furnace off.
    Remove the ingots.... I think that was by using F as you move cursor over each ingot.

    Not sure why you are pressing E as I just use the right mouse button to add the ore to the trays.

    After 6 minutes the ore will disappear from the furnace but the ingots will be there.
    Place the mouse cursor over each pocket , press F and see what happens.

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