Changelog 2014-08-04: More objects, more blocks, new GUI

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Finally, it's there! The new update is available. It took a long time, definitely too long, but better late than never ;)

    This update introduces several new objects, two new blocktypes and especially a polished GUI, including a fully reworked crafting menu. Find more information here.
    SSAO (ambient occlusion) comes together with the next update, it still needs some fine-tuning, and we thought it would be better to release this update without the new effect, instead of delaying it more.

    We have also another announcement to make: We're going to change the name of the game, since "Concept" may be misleading and is not very distinguishable :/ We'll inform you about the change in the next time and tell you the possible new names ;)

    Here is the full changelog:

    • [New] New craftingGUI, which is much clearer now and offers 3D previews of the target
    • [New] Ability to change variation of most objects (i.e. different wood texture etc.)
    • [New] New Blocktypes:

      • Ramp, which can also be flipped upside-down
      • Slope (can be combined with the ramp in a future update)
    • [New] New Objects:

      • Several big torches, bambootorch, 2 new modern lamps, 4 new tables, 1 new chair, 1 new medieval door, 1 new torchmount, new marketstand
    • [New] Reworked objects to offer sharper textures
    • [New] Helptexts when placing objects or blocks
    • [Change] Polished inventory and imageselector gui to fit to the new crafting menu
    • [Change] Non-wood items no longer have a "breaking wood" sound when destroyed (adequate sounds still missing)
    • [Change] Equipped items follow the camera now when flying
    • [Change] Usage of DDS Fonts to decrease memory consumption
    • [Bugfix] Falling through the floor when spawning should be fixed now
    • [Bugfix] Unable-to-move-when-spawn bug has been fixed
    • [Bugfix] No longer possible to hit other players with a melee weapon when fast clicking the mousebutton
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong sorting of available resolutions in settings menu (problem only occured on some systems)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed tooltips that stay visible when (for example) the inventory has been closed

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