StarMeister's Pyramid Screenshots + World Save Download

  • Hey guys here is my pyramid save file and some screen shots. Has been tested by a developer and is good to go. I look forward to seeing some one building rooms and stuff in it!d1RTBYaA!…cJm0CSDV2zI99cuzMD57gY1bI
    1.Extract .zip with WinRar or 7zip
    2.Go to Steam->Library->Right Click Rising World->Properties->Local Files Tab->Browse Local Files->Worlds
    2.Put the folder "Star World" into the Worlds folder in the Rising World Directory
    3.Enjoy ;)
    4.Merry Christmas!

    Tour Video

  • Good work buddy, too bad it wasn't build as the real one with fully loaded interior blocks & alway path! lol
    Actually went inside the real Cheops Pyramid in 2007 & it was amazing even tho there was nothing
    but Hyroglyphs in the tomb section! Might just take you up one day and finish up your interior
    way up to the tomb section! (I see lots of digging & block making

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