Dungeon Structures Missing After Update

  • I am finding that some of the dungeons that previously existed are now missing walls, floors, and ceilings. I checked and it is happening our server (Rosalia) as well as on my other worlds. Basically you go underground in fly mode you find entire dungeons gone except for the lighting, traps, chests, and bones.

    I tried converting one of my server worlds by moving it to the single player worlds folder. This didn't fix the issue. Is our only recourse to start a new world?

    Is anyone else having this issue?

  • Yes seeing the same issue on our server. Appears that some dungeons the objects/items are also "outside" the dungeon. Have talked with Red51 on this issue and he thinks he knows the problem, but the solution is not an easy one.

  • Yeah, unfortunately this happens with all dungeons which have been "modified" in the past (i.e. every dungeon where someone either removed a block, or an object, or opened a chest etc). It looks like the world converter doesn't work properly for dungeons atm. I'm still looking for a suitable solution to fix this issue, but I'm not sure if there is a chance to rescue the dungeons in old worlds :| I'm really sorry about this :( Of course unexplored dungeons are not affected by this, but it's still a pity...

  • It not a problem we are just pulling the lights when we see them and leaving the rest, then dynamite on the entrances. Planning a portal system to send players out away from currently explored areas to go dungeon diving. Then portal back. It is a chance to explore new areas. 8o

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