Tinted and round glass panels

    • Tinted and round glass panels

      Hey all. Just had an idea I'd like to share. So I was just finishing my SUV and was thinking how great black tinted windows would be. I would love if we could get a range of transparent colored glass. Green, blue, etc would be great for stained glass. Black for car windows and white for frosted glass. Also round glass panels would be awesome for tabletops and round windows when you don't have wall to hide the edges. Plus you could put a round yellow panel in a glass and voila! Beer! Please please please? :D
    • Having coloured glass is something I'm desiring heavily, with special thanks to Minecraft with those stained glass & stained glass panes. Wanting various colours of glass so I can start theming up my buildings to be more colourful as we need to build more colourful buildings.

      My complaint with Rising World was how people were building in dull grey & white that we needed colour, and it's something I even praised some German lady for building in colour. That thought & desire faded out now.

      Sure, I agree with this. Would be awesome to have generic mosaic windows, as well as rounded, edged, and various other forms of glass windows.
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