Hello All

  • Hello Red51, let me start off by introducing myself, I am Palacost.

    I hardly ever get on forums, but when i do, I always Drink "Dos Equis".... crap wrong message, lets start over.

    Anyways I was a Hardcore World of warcraft gamer back in the Lich King aura, when I stoped playing the game, i could never get back into any other games... NO games entertained me like 0% for 10 years...

    I downloaded Steam, played some other games and still nothing...Untill i ran across this game, What sells me on a game today is the image. I'm more of a visual person, being a videographer and making websites... The images that where displayed where not that great, So 2nd phase was to read little about the game and view it on You Tube.
    Please Add some better images to the main slots on steam, After 10 years this is the BEST game i have ever played, I have been looking for a game i can be in complete control. Yes, I do own my own server called: Land Of Auir. Like i said i do not hardly get on forums or even give my 2 cents, but I had to for this game, I even invited two of my friends to join me on this game when we are not playing "Heros of The Storm". You have done such a great job with this Red51 please always do what you love to do from one artist to another, never let no-one steal your joy! This game will go far.

  • So this game caught you in a similar way how it caught me :D

    Please Add some better images to the main slots on steam, After 10 years this is the BEST game i have ever played

    Which images would you suggest that @red51 should use? Do you have some screenshots he could use or would you recommend some of those which are in this folder:

    Bilder, Videos und Präsentationen

  • I think adding some photos of which the players who have already created some very nice structors, to be displayed, that would catch more of the hardcore gamers, the first line of defense is the Visual image that is shown in the front lines.

    Yes i do know they have photos in the community, But here is the problem, i never looked in the community tab, waste of time.

    But ya use some images that players have created, i have been on many servers so far i have seen a lot of good worlds that need to be shown and that will give future players that vision and imagination to know they can create anything, let there mind foam free.

  • My friends where drawn to this game only because i sold the image of the game, They saw a photo of The Nexus from Star craft that i created and I also created the Carrier (Massive Ship). The visual works, trust me.

    See the before and after image i've done, I cannot CODE but i can design my butt off

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